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Characters from Rendezvous

May 7, 2006

When I wrote my second post about the walk through at rendezvous I said I would write about some of the characters we met.  There were a number of them and I liked them all without fail.  First and foremost was Big Jack who I mentioned the first time around.  Jack was like a younger brother to me, he was 17 when we first met.  I was 20 and had just started my first job after my stint in the Marines.  Jack was a lonely kid, with out much interaction with his foster parents who were old enough to be his grand parents.  At the time he lived with a great uncle in his 80’s, who was a character himself.  He used to entertain us with stories of his youth and adventures.  One in particular was when his father used to stand him on a bar and have him sing for drinks for his dad.  Jack developed a hero worship of me that was somewhat embarrassing at times.  Anything I did he was sure to copy.  I introduced him to his first experience with strong drink at my apartment.  I can still remember him worshiping at the porcelain throne and saying the litinay NEVER AGAIN, over and over.  To his credit I never saw him reach that state again in all the years I knew him.  I talked him into joining the Marine Corps before he reached 19.  I received a letter from him while he was in boot camp promising me all kinds of physical pain upon his release.  Through his corps movement and my changing addresses we lost touch.  Finally three or four years later I found his name in the phone book.  He had married and had a two year old daughter by that time.  He still had some time to serve, after his release his family and I spent a bit of time together.  Moving to Big Bear with his family caused us to lose contact again.  After my marriage and the birth of my daughter, once again I found his phone number in San Bernadino.  Our families meshed again and my daughter came to love him as a big cuddly bear.  It was Jack who introduced us to Rendezvous.  As I said he was our (more…)