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Gone Dry Again

April 4, 2007

     Well it’s happened again, My mind had hit a blank wall again.  I know there is no pressure on me to write, and no one is going to be seriously disappointed by my absents on the world of bloggers.  I was reading my morning newspaper and was struck by the thought of the pressure that a person writing for the paper on a daily of even weekly basics  must face on occasion.  I suspect they must have a pad constantly on hand to jot down stray thoughts as what to write about in the future.  I often try to remember things that my father has done or said to relate but there again my mind does not always cooperate.  I used to quote a illustrating credited to Socrates in regard to memory.  He said “thoughts or remembrances were like pigeons in a large open coop  and you reached in and grabbed one but often as not the one you got was not the one you needed”.  Well seems like my hand has been coming out of the coop covered with useless crap.

     Speaking of reading the paper this morning, seems like they reported three fatal car crashes, all involving liquor and speed.  The jaws of life was needed to remove the bodies of two idiots on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu this AM.  There was reports of five people being shot in different locations.  And finally the cop killer in Long Beach was convicted and the jury suggested death for him.  To which he smiled and laughed, the first emotion he has shown in the whole trial.  The Democrats continue to defy the President in their foreign policy meddling.  What the hell is the world is our society coming to?

     I have a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I feel is up-to date.  “I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labors of the industrious”.  This was written more than two-hundred-twenty-five years ago.  Seems to me like this parasite has out grown it’s host and is about to strangle it to death 

     On the lighter side my girls, the wife and the two cats are still thriving.  The little black baby has streched out to be long and lanky she is glossy coal black short silky haired.  There is no white on her anywhere the pads of her feet are coal black as is her nose and ears,  In the dark she becomes invisible only the reflection of her yellow eyes in a little light reveals her position.  The older girl is a long haired Mane Coon that my wife calls a light mocha with white collar and chest and all four feet.  she has the darker rings on her tail that evidently provides the coon part of her species name.  she weighed fifteen pounds when the baby showed up but dropped to thirteen quickly.  The baby chased and jumped on her so much she ran off the three pounds quite quickly.  At first we were worried but soon realised that she had become sedentary before the baby’s arrival.  The little shit is on the go constantly she flies through the house like a tornado leaving a wake of destruction behind.  Last nigh we were watching the Dancing With the Stars results show when she got on a rip running all around, from the floor to the back of the couch at a dead run all over the place.  She came flying across the back of the couch behind my wife to the end, then down to the seat back across my wife’s lap and up across her arm to the floor.  As she ran across my wife’s arm her back claws digging in for traction left three, inch and a half gouges in her forearm which required cleaning with peroxide and alcohol and treatment with ointment and a bandage.  She was not trying to be mean just wildly active.  She is still just a big kitten about eight months old, but she sure can be a little butt-hole, a name I often call her to my wife’s displeasure.  She is still her baby, she sleeps with my wife snuggled next to her at night after she has wore her self out. (more…)



October 15, 2006

     Well it’s happened again!   We had breakfast with my wife’s niece, the one who arranged the cat that has pretty much controlled my life these last five years.  We have grown close and comfortable with each other.  She is a big girl a Maine Coon  weighing in at five-teen pounds and growing.  She is long haired and what my wife calls a mocha color with white ring around her neck and white chest and belly and feet.  She has the darker rings on her bushy tail from which i suppose the name comes.  I used to think there was something wrong with her feet because of the long tuff’s of hair that grows on the bottoms and around the toes, but have learned that is a charismatic with the breed.  She is a intelligent and very vocal individual she never shuts up.  she has a greeting and comment every time she passed through the room.  And knows just what she wants to do and expects me to facilitate it for her.  I would not trade her for anything although I was not really happy when she moved in.  I thought she would be my wife’s cat and that would be the extent of the matter.  This big girl is a equal opportunity owner of us both.  Her relationship with us is different.  She plays with my wife in one manner and I in  anouther.  She will demand that I pick her up and walk around with her whereas my wife has to grab her if she wants to carry her around.   She will come and sit on my lap if I am trying to read the paper and often will lay in it to keep my attention on her.  She is jealous when I stop to talk to my wife and cries for attention.  I thought we had settled in to a comfortable routine.  Like Emeril says BAM!

     Was having breakfast with my wife and her niece Friday morning.  They were carrying on with the family gosip their favorite pass-time, I was reading the paper minding my own business with just a half a ear on what was going on.  suddenly I heard someone dumped a kitten in John open window the other day.  Warning bell started going off in my hearing impaired ears.  “How old?”  “Six weeks, maybe”.  Now red lights are flashing behind my eyes deep in my addled brain.  Some more talk then “Do you want to go see the kitty?”  If you are married you know that is not really a question.  So after we finished eating and paying the bill off we go to see the kitty, like Dorothy down the yellow brick road.  Well its black, blue eyed and can curl up in my hand with room to spare and for a man my hands are not that big.  Yeah it’s cute very cute, but my wife has never expressed any interest in black cats, that’s my daughters preference.  So I figure I’m safe, wrong.  When we drive off my wife has the baby wrapped up in a old white tee shirt I had in the back, a bag of kitten food at her feet and a contented wife and kitten in the passenger seat. (more…)