About Me

Howdy! I have a Johnny Cash Album more than 45 years old called,  Ride This Train.  On it he ties the ballads he sings together with commentary about different parts of the history of this land.  So this is my invitation for you to grab a seat and ride along with me on my 67 year journey through life.  See the things I have seen, meet the people I have met, and do the things I have done, misspelling and all.  I've lived the life of a small town hick as a child, served this country in the US Marines (you know once one, always one). Did damn near fifty years hard labor in a factory, while trying to raise a family, done 1840 Mountain Man Rendenzvousing, Civil war, reenacting, and played Cowboy all my life.  Somewhere along the line I'll stumble through all of this.  This is my first shot at this so it may seem clumsy, but at the urging of my Daughter I'm sure gonna give it a try.

Excerpt from my very first blog post: Rambling with ramblingbob, an introduction



2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Bone head son Says:

    Hey, You did some great stuff for us Like teaching us shooting, taking us camping, enviting my family to Rendenzvous and putting up with me and my antics. I have your work ethics. Yes you have alot to write about.
    Love Rob

  2. Susan Says:

    We lived in My Son and I ,the San Bernardino mountains approx 1996
    through 2000 and were very close to Three feathers. He was a dear freind of ours . He still wore buckskins , took baths in the horse trough. what a good spirit he had .last we seen him he and his 2 burrows were walking along hwy 138 west towards Pearblossom to a rendevoux@Kentuckey Canyon. Was trying to google his name and came across your story and it “blew us away” WOW
    reply for more info R.E. Three feathers

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