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August 22, 2010

              For anyone interested,  I am still shambling around.  Much older and weakened by time.  The diabetes is still chewing on my ass and the recovery from the stroke has apparently reached it’s peak.  The left side is still only about a quarter of the strength of the right.  Can move about in a pretty normal manner with a slight list to the left.  Any distance requires the use of the cane, and a mall calls for the walker,(a heavy-duty job with six-inch wheels a seat and breaks and of course the obligatory USMC reflectors and external cup holder and basket on the front.  No light weight aluminum toy for this 260# big boy.).  All in all, I feel lucky when I see others.

     I have not written any thing on the blog for months, It got to the point that trying to re tell material I had gleaned from others just too exustaning a task.  At this time I wish to apologise to a young lady known to me only as Sunshine Mendez.  I basically copied her story intact from another printed publication.  I did not know she had published it  on her own web site.  I simply read it and thought it would be a great addition to my group about Old West prostitutes.  It was indeed a great success, Kathy Westler who publishes a monthly Old West Journal read it and asked permission to repeat it in her journal.  I was flattered and of course agreed.  Miss Mendez saw it there and wrote me a scalding note, which I deserved.  All I can do is apologise here again as my attempts to contact her have failed.

     I no longer have the energy or drive to attempt these long       rehashing of these old tales.  The Billy The Kid set were exuasting              in the end.  Plus all the heat and disagreements from all the experts out there is not worth the trouble.

    In the end I am just too tired to carry on further, That plus the loss of my Marine Corps grandson early this year has sapped much of my interest also.

   So thanks for the continued support and interest in the site.  I cannot believe how it continues to draw readers every day.

Thanks to all!