New Marines

New marines

     On Thanksgiving Day  my wife and I went to our son’s house where she helped him prepare  part of the dinner.  As always he prepared the turkeys by smoking on the BBQ grill and basting the smaller in the oven.  Our sixteen year old granddaughter made several delicious deserts, including a plate of fudge and some delightful cookies  made to look like turkeys with fanned tails and approape frosting.  In all it was a feast to be appreciated.

     However the high light of the day was we got to meet a great-nephew for the first time.  He is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps stationed at Camp Pendelton some seventy miles south of us.  He has completed all his basic trainings and is serving as a radio technician., at the Camp Horno Area home of the first Marine regiment of the First Marine Division.   This is a camp I visited frequently on technical weapons inspections when I served fifty-one years ago as a weapons repair man.

     This young man is the son of one of my wifes nephews who lived with us for his senior year of high school.  He joined the Marine Corps from our house many years ago. 

     This young Marine requested permission to bring a couple of buddies with him, which our son readily agreed, as his son stationed at Camp Leguine, in North Carolina could not be here this year.

     The two kids were from New York, and Washington state .  People I say Kids because while they are young men and U. S. Marines, Babies are what they looked like to this Fat, Mean Old  Marine.  Good Lord I know I was the same age when I did my service right out of high school.  But these kids one 18 and the other two 19 looked like they should be starting 2nd year high school.   they all three expect to be deployed to Afghanistan between April and October next year.

     These boys are the same ages as the three young Marine who were killed in my previous post who were good friends and buddies of my grandson.  Jer entered the Marines at the age of twenty and turned twenty-two during his deployment to Afghanistan.  He was like an older brother to the three who were killed.  He has been getting  assistants from the military   support staff.  Our main concern is that he has volunteered  for redeployment again.  This is a move on his part as we understand he would not have been slated to return to that hell hole again.  What ever his reasons I can only support his desion and pray for his well-being.

     I pains this old Marine that we have to send these kids into harms way, but understand the reasons for it.


As a closing note I wish to acknowledge aff the fine people of late who have approached me when wearing one of my Marine shirts, hats or pens to thank me for my service, it warms my old worn heart. 




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