Diabetes is a insidious disease.  It is a constant attempt to balance your blood sugar.  Last night I took my sugar level with my glucose meter before retiring for the night, my level was elevated so I took some regulatory “R” insulin  to bring it down, I also took some Lantus to maintain my level through out the night.  The Lantus helps stabilize the sugar your body makes as you constantly are  digesting stuff all night long.

     At 1:45 a.m. I awoke from a dream which must have been  prompted by a TV program.  It involved some detective police work as best I remember.  I woke  trying to find some damn clue,  as I sat confused on the side of the bed gazing at my cluttered night stand , I was desperately trying to remember in my confused state  what I was looking for.  All I knew was I was hungry as hell.  After a few moments I knew I was in the early stages of a insulin attack.

     Fumbling to get my slippers on I was very dizzy and disoriented.   One of these attacts is flustering for me as my coordination on awaking is always slow because of the stroke I suffered a year ago.  It is like being drunk, because your brain is being deprived of the sugar it needs to function.

     I stumbled-staggered to the kitchen and the first thing I did was pour and drink a glass of Orange  juice, which we always keep on hand.  I managed to get the glucose meter loaded with a strip and wiped my finger tip with a alcohol wipe.  cocking the needle I produced a drop of blood and applied it to the test strip.  Within seconds it indicated my glucose level was 41 which is very low.  Drinking more juice ,  I was still in a confused state,

     knowing I needed to do something, I was looking at my insulin chart trying to find how much insulin I need to take, the chart made no sense to me because it starts with 180, and my blood level was only 41.  Finally I realised that I needed no more insulin. but needed more sugar in my body.

      I ate a granola bar and drank more juice and eventually ate a hard boiled egg We had on hand.  By this time I was beginning to stabilize.  These episodes are scary and can be dangerous,  I have had them so bad it was worse than being drunk.  I have staggered so bad that I was bumping walls, (something I do now with my balance since the stroke).

     Once I took my insulin before leaving the house when going to eat, my insulin  “Humalog5”  is a fast acting insulin to be take no more than 15 minutes before eating.  By the time we got the car out of the garage and drove about four blocks I was hit very hard.  The first thing I knew my sight started to  to flash like a strobe light.  I was in heavy work traffic, on a street with no parking and no where to turn out I had to navigate four long blocks before I could pull into some business.  Luckily there was a liquor store there where my wife went in and bought some orange juice and a couple of candy bars.  Then she took over the driving.   I have had a milder attract with the sight flash and the meter showed me to me at 37 at that time.

       This damn crap is a constant juggling act trying to take the righ amount of insulin and food.  Many people have been pulled over by the police on supsision of drunk driving and not been able to tell the officers what is actually wrong.  Many agency’s are training their officers what to look for in these instances.  A insulin attack can be fatal if not treated correctly.  I now carry in the glove box a bottle of tablets call Gluclose.  These are large tablets the size of quarters and almost 1/2 inch thick that are almost pure sugar.  Mine are orange flavored.  They are more  effective if chewed and kept between the cheek and gum.  In this fashion it is them asobred into the blood vessels of the teeth roots and are more quickly go to work than when swallowed to the stomach. 

     Anyway that was how my night went last night.


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