GRANDSON IN AFGHANISTAN


     The grandson is still over there in what he calls THE RAT HOLE.  He says there is nothing there worth dieing for.  The people do not like them and the only cash crop is heroin.  They are not allowed to interfear  with the production of the stuff.  Doing so deprives the population the recourse of their only cash crop.  It is know that the Helmaund Province is the largest producer of heroin in Afghanistan.  It is also known that most of the funds realised winds up in the Taliban hands.  This money buys equipment and weapons for the insurgents to fight and kill coalition troops, Our boys.

     Since his deployment in mid-November his unit alone had suffered six killed.  Two were men he attended boot camp with.  One was a close friend who went forward to dis-arm a improvised explosive device.  As he moved forward to the bomb, HE dislodged a stone holding down a pressure plate mine.  The resulting explosion left his leg hanging by shred’s.  My grand son was showered by his friends blood.  He had to make the raido call for Med_Evac to come in for the extraction.

      Jer.   has said it is hard to be with someone every day then suddenly they are gone.  The injured man was taken to the field  medical unit.  His leg was amputated, and he was shipped home.  Within three weeks he died of his injury’s. 

      All the men feel low moral when they are loosing men and have no one to even shoot at.  In our effort to boost their moral we have sent nine boxes to the grandson to share with his buddies five at Christmas time,  Two in January, Two in early February, with birthday wishes and a lot of eats .

  We are now in the process of filling two to three boxes now.  We were sending hygiene products at first, but now have been sending mostly food stuffs.  In one of the prior boxes I sent a bag of my home made jerky.   I did hear from him on that.  He said everybody liked it much better then the commercial, even their interpreter who said thanks papa.

     I am just now finishing up  10 pounds of London Broil which I got a good deal on.  Had the butcher slice it thin for me.  I marinated it in a soy sauce, liquid smoke and Worcester sauce concoction.  I also add a generous portion of brown sugar, some salt, pepper,  garlic salt and onion powder.  It usually takes a little over 24 hours in the dehydrator.  Then I let it set for 12 hours with out heat.  In the second batch I added  half a bottle of teriyaki sauce to fill two trays.  I wound up with a big bulging one gallon zip lock bag of the regular stuff and a three quarter full, quart bag of the teriyaki

      With all the Tuna packs and my selection of canned goods, two Summer Sauges (the large ones) and boxes of crackers, Queaso and salsa, we have at least three boxes again.  We will probably break it down and not send all at once, so we can spread the out.  When we send two they do not arrive at the same time.

     Anyway we all are praying for his safe return , supposedly in late May.  




proud papa



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  2. Dan Says:

    Hi Bob ,

    I have enjoyed reading your stories. I am writing you about the Killin Jim Miller story you wrote. I have what I believe to be the colt 45 that shot Killin Jim Miller in at least 1 of the gun fights that transpired. I thought mabe you might have a little more info to share so that i may confirm this.

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