Boxes to Afghanistan

Boxes to the Grandson


     Well the grandson has been in Afghanistan for near three and a half months now.  We have sent him a total of nine boxes.  At frist we were trying to send enough to cover all 17 members of his squad, but on a pension ans SS it just was not possible.  We were sending shaving and personal hygiene products.  We quickly learned they appreciate the food stuff better.

     We have sent canned goods  and candy and what seems like tons of beef jerky.  Like the grandson says jerky is gold.  In the last box I sent I included  my home made jerky made in a small electric dehydrator.  It seems to have passed the test in flying colors as the last E-mail said everyone liked it including the interpreter, who was quoted as sayinf “thanks Papa.”  So guess this means another trip to the market to purchase a big slab of beef.

     My recipe is simple all I use is a lot of Soy Sauce, a little Worcestershire sauce, some liquid smoke, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I simply marinate the strips of beef for about 30 min. blot it on a paper towel and place it on the trays.  Last time it only took me a day and a half.  of course it was hot days  and low humidity.

     We are experiencing a bit of trouble getting his boxes to him.  In his unit which is spread out over the Provence over there is a second Lance courpal with the same name and middle initial as Jeremy and he was receiving Jeremy’s boxes.    We have tried spelling Jeremys middle name out in full.  This is very perplexing to us, while we do begrudge the other Marine the box we expect our grandson to receive our gifts to him.

     His birthday is the last of Feb. and the last two boxes contains his birthday feast.  Three cans of Beef Stew, tow cans of Ravioli,  nine packs of Tuna, Five of Salmon   four four packs of pudding, crackers, cookies and a long stick of Peperoni and a few other things i dis-remember right now.

     His unit has lost five men since mid November, the last is a kid Jer. went through boot camp and all his training with.  he was pretty shook up over it.  It is pretty hot over there, mostly IED’s with no body to shoot back at, which frustrates the guys to no end.

     Thank God and the Marine Corps He is now ridding in the MRAPS the heavily armored high trucks rather than the HUMVEE’s  He is the units main radioman.             He should be coming home before Memorial day hopefully.  We just pray for his safe return whole and sound.

Thanks for letting me vent





















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