I have not written anything for over a month now, but do check the site in case I need to respond to comments.  I simply have not had the energy or ambition to write.  I have been sort of researching George Armstrong Custer, but still need to dig out some packed books for the material I want.

     My diabetes is under reasonable control, but I seem to have no energy or interest in much of anything.  This damn stroke I had in April has seemed to taken more of a toll than I thought.  A simple  shopping excursion of several hours leaves me tired to the point of exhaustion. I have not been Reading as much as usual either, It takes book of real Internet to keep me occupied.

     Of course I do not believe that the fact I will be 70 at the end of next month has anything to do with it.  I have accumulated so many toys over the years that I do not know what to do with some of it.  I have decided to begin giving my son and daughter much of what I want them to have now.  When I told my  wife this she expressed concern and said I was beginning to scare her.  I reason that since I am no longer able to use most of it as before, I can get the enjoyment of watching them use the “junk” and and reap some voyeur pleasure in return.  Also They can receive it from my hands with love instead of inherit from the grave,

     However I am at loss as what to do with things like my Civil War library.  None of my children have a interest in this material.  I have two complete Time-Life series, one leather bound with gold leaf no longer in print.  and near 100 hard bound books, plus about six years of two   magizines in prefect condition.  I suppose there is E-bay but I do not want to get rid of them or the cowboy books as I still love to thumb through them yet.

      I intend to give my son my  Mountain Man .50 cal. muzzle loader soon.  He keeps talking about how he would like to try rendezvousing again.  Lord so would I,  but I will never tramp around the side of a mountain again.  But, Lord we had some shinning times on those cold Sept. nights around a camp fire.  My daughter still has her rifle I put together for her when she was nine.  She told me last week she had just pulled them all out of storage and cleaned them and showed them off to a friend.

     Well this has rambled on longer than intended so I’m out of here



  1. Steve Says:

    Nice to have you back!!!!

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