Just a Personal Ramble Today

How My Day Went

     Every now and then  I just need to ramble free, don’t really care if anyone reads it or not. 

     First off a little about the girls.  Our little black Panther, Dakota, who will be two next month, has had a bad leason on her right neck for a long time.  We have had her to the vet repeatably for the damn thing.  The last time was two weeks ago tomorrow.  The vet gave her another antibiotic injection and some new cream to try.  It seems to work good, except that she licks it off.  Also alarming any one of the reasons for the visit two weeks ago is she has developed one on the inside of her rifht upper leg.  this one she can reach very easily.  And she scratches the one on the neck keeping it inflamed.

     So the old mans solution!  I cut the top off of some of my old stretched out white socks and cut a pair of holes in what became the bottom.  This made a perfect little white turtleneck sweater for her.  She could not lick or scratch the neck so she concentrated on the leg.  Then I tried to make tapered sleeve out of the bottom half of the sock and tried to attach it to the Little sweater.  Result one  poor little hobo looking kitty.

     Well this worked for awhile, then she started to chew on the sock and got it stuck in her teeth.  My wife was afraid to leave her at home alone with it on for fear she would harm herself.  Plus the weather has turned hotter than hell here so the hobo garment has been cast aside.  And tomorrow is the two week check up for her.

     Next the old girl seven in Sept. is a long haired Mane Coon.  She has a couple pg sever matts of both hips, that we cannot comb out.  We have watcher her stuffer for six years with this long coat in the summer heat.  An appointment was made at the last vet visit to take Cheyenne in and have her groomed and clipped.  Well she got the runs night before last and got crap matted on her backside.  So to nigh we caught her and gave her a bath on her hind quarters.  She is a big girl over 16 pounds and strong as heck.  With my wifes bad back and balance and my recent stroke and weak left side it was a battle royal.

     Now in the morning we have to try to catch both of them and get them into their carriers and loaded into to the vehicle and out to the vet by nine a.m..  Now I don’t know how but the little butt holes can sense a vet visit and they hide and it is a effort to catch and load them.

     Sound like enough?  More to come.  Two week ago this past Monday my wife took me to PT and dropped me off.  I finally convinced her it was too hot for her to sit in the car and wait two + hours in the sun and wait for me.  I finished PT and called her to come for me.  I waited and waited, finally she called the garage door had come off the track and she was in panic.  She has had 11 back surgerys and is on strong nerve meds as well.  After fighting it and hurting her back she got it down and came for me.  upon returning home I got it all the way down.  Now Mondays is street sweeping day so we could not park on the street.  We have a concrete slab in front of the garage big enough to parallel park of the ally so that’s what we did.

           I finally got someone out to repair the door around 5 p.m.  ($215).  While he was there in the alley three young punks kept hanging around grinning, the repairman thought they were caseing his truck, so I stood watch.  They kept watching me instead.  After he finished in less than half a hour, we were able to open the door and but the vehicle away.  Two days later as we were leaving a restaurant the sun was just right for my wife to notice some scratches on the bottom of the d driver door pannel.  It was a name Tomas with some graffiti markings.  Well shit hit the fan to no avail, nothing we could do about it.

     Yesterdayay we found that our auto insurance would cover the damage with on penalty to us.  Things were put into motion to take care of the mess.  Today was spent getting the rental.  The insurance will cover $16 day on rental.  The $16 cars are economy and neither one of us can get in or out of them so we wound up with GMC Envoy at  $46 aday we pay the difference.  Took the Trail Blazer to the shop.  They discovered additional damage of the same kind on the passenger side.  Had to cll the insurance back and get approval for additional repair.  Then found it will take five days for the repair to be affected.  Whoopee.  Driving a V8 at $30 aday +mileage plus gas at $4.40+ a galoon.  Oh happy day.

      Now I get to vent… I wish I had the power of Merlin and gould cause these little punks left nut’s swrivle up and ache, and every time they tried their graffiti it would srink even more until it fell off thereby prevent them from ever reproducing more of their kind.  I am tired of seeing their handiwork all over the place.  A perso should have the right to have what they have worked for and earned not molested by arragont little bastards who have no respect for others.  Nuff said, I’m done.  ain’t so just got a call from the repair shop, had to give them the Ok to start the work.  Crap here it is Thursday and they have not started yet, said it would be next Wed.  So had to call the ins. people to find if rental would cover that length of time.  Then Hertz to tell them we needed the crappy GMC longer.  Ain’t life grand, wife’s upset and pissed and I,m      nearly at wit’s end dealing with these people all  because of some damn little punk’s I cant’t do any thing about.  Crap send me bact to the old west I’d hang them all from a tree and shoot it out with their kin when they objected.



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