Just finished watching the local news, and somethings just keep rambling around in my bird care of a brain.  Maybe if I print then they will lay down and stop rattleing around in there.  So here goes!

     First they were talking about the various business that are hurting because of the high cost of gas.  Guess which caught my attention!   It is reported   that “BROTHEL” owners are reporting a decrease in revenue.  They feel that the extremly high cost of diesel fue is cutting into the discressionary  funds of truckers, the mainstay of their customers.  Oh those poor starving Gals!

    The next is so dumb it almost to hard to believe.  A thirty-two year old man was in a local park in Ingelwood ,(one of the fringe cities of Los Angeles),  This is not a area bordered by woodlands. but a city surounded by other cities.   Anyway this clown had had a few when he spotted a snake.  Thinking it to be harmless, he picked it up.  The snake promptly bit him two times.  He threw it into a five gallon plastic bucket, and proceeds to drive himself to the hospital with the snake in tow.  He became too ill to continue on so he called for help.  Police and Para-medics responded and took him to the hospital.  Animal control was called to take charge of the reptile, which turns out to be a Pacific Coast Rattlesnake.  How do uyou spell dumb?  The officer on camers said in twenty years on the force there he had never heard of a snake bite in the city.  The hospital reports said the guy would be OK.    

    My daughter had a plumber frend when she lived in the area (some 10 ? years a go), who while under a house grabed a snake he saw.  He almost lost his thumb, and his arm sweled up to almost bursting. 

     So this leads into the next teport from earlier in the week.  They were showing some snakes in several places in the grass, with children in the back ground.  They were warning that snake season is in full bloom and with all the fires,  the reptiles are coming into the near by populated areas in search of concelment and prey.  They were also commenting on the fact that the vemon is becoming more toxic.  It was reported that at least two bite victums have had to be placed on venalitors, which has not been needed in the past.  Their claim was the sicentist feel it is a natural effect for the snakes needing to make a kill faster.

     I feel it is like I reported in my Rattlesnake series last year, That the snakes on the fringe of habit areas are cross breeding.  Like the Pacific Rattler and the Majove Rattlsnake.  There by creating a cocktail of hemotoxins and nurotoxins, creating a vemon that attacts on both the nervious system and the blood stream.  The nurotoxin will shut doun the function of the lungs , requiring the venalitor.

     Jumping from that I am saddened for, and proud of the young Boy Scouts back east.  Three were killed along with a counclor when their camp was struck by a supprise tornado.  After it passed the suvivors swung into action doing search and rescue and rendering first aid to the injured, until aid cound reach them.  Evidently it tool awhile because the responders had to cut their way through a mile of downed trees and rubbish.  We have to remember that these were 12-14 year old boys.  They get a big tip of many of my many hats.

So that closes this night for me, thanks for rambling by and letting me bend your ears.

  Up next another Cherokee outlaw, a real born to bad guy, and then a couple of El Paso Madams.





  1. Panhandle Poet Says:

    I suspect the venom may be more toxic because it is concentrated due to the drought conditions. Less body moisture for dilution.

  2. ramblingbob Says:

    From what my reading have revealed, The hemotoxin should not cause respatory failure, no mater the conccntration.Like I said in the articles, snakes of the same species from diffrent habitats do crossbreed. And they did not say where the two individuals were bitten who required the venalitor’s. The Majovie is located just to the north of the Los Angeles City line and The Pacific Rattler extendes to that same area. so I still stand by my statement uneducated as it is. but Thanks for chipping in I appreciate any comments.

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