Those of you who follow my Wild West ramblings should take a jog over to truewestmag.com for some good reading and history.

    I found under history, on the home page, a article about Jessie James kids, stuf I never knew.  Also a good peice about the potrayal of Doc Holiday by Val Kilmer in the movie Tombstone.  Much more good stuff there.  

     To those of you who watch the Western Channel on Encore- Showtime, and enjoy the True West Moments, By Bob Boze Bell the editor of True West magizine, he has aparently suffered a Heart attact according to informatin found at the above Web site.  there is a E-mail address posted to send him a get well greeting.     





  1. Raven Says:

    glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Raven Says:

    Wow – look at those blog stats grow!

  3. Craig Says:

    Was there a solon in every old west town?

  4. ramblingbob Says:

    Well Craig, I expect you mean a establishment like the Longbranch ,as seen in the TV series Gunsmoke. All towns had a drinking watering hole, but many of them were just dingiy, dark places, some no more than boards across barrel heads or saw horses. where ever men gather to drink there is always some sort of gambling. Most of these places were called saloons. Towns with larger populations usually had bigger and more fancy places, untill the town got big enough for the “civilised” people to out number the more rowdy lot and force them out of existence. By the way There was a popular saloon named the Longbranch, in Dodge, photo’s can be found of both the interior and exterior. It did not look like the TV set.

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