Just a quick update.  I continue to improve after the stroke suffered on April 7, 2008.  After a few days of hospitalization I returned home.  It has now been three weeks.  I have improved to the point where I can dress myself and tie my own shoes.  the therapist has allowed me to walk in the house with a cane unassisted.  These small victories seem small, but when you lose the ability to do these things for yourself they are huge.  I recieve in home physical therapy three times a week and continue to improve.

   I feel very lucky that the event was no worse than it was.  Typing like this is some what of a chore as of yet.  My  fingers often hit the wrong key, as my coordination is still some what iffy.  My left hand often hits the cap locks causing much erasures.  But improvment is there day by day.  I hope to soon return to the Old West rambles..


thanks for your waiting.



One Response to “JUST AN UPDATE ON ME”

  1. wholeenchilada Says:

    Hi there – glad, so very glad, to hear you continue to improve. Take care, rest up and follow ur Dr’s orders!

    Love ya!

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