Well my grandson is in the MARINE CORPS.  We Marines pride ourselves in our brotherhood, as well we should.  However, truth be told, the Corps is riddled with stupid prejudices.

     My grandson is a communications specialist (radio operator) assigined to an infantary unit.  This is at Camp Lejuine N.C., and apparently it is made up of mostly rednecks and racists.  My grandson has married a sweet girl of mixed herritage, she is half Black and half Puerto Rican.  He is recieving a lot of ridicule because he is red headed and because of his wife..  Also the new unit seems to think that they are better then he – because they are infantry and he is not.

     This is common in the Corps-  the infantry thinks they are the real Marines.  But we all went through the same Boot Camp training to recieve the Eagle Globe and Anchor and for the right to be called Marine.  It takes at least five, maybe more, behind the line Marines to support one on the front.  And we all go and do what the Brass decide for us.  I repaired weapons as my duty assignment, I would have rathered been a fighting man, than in the rear, but did what I was told.

     But this is what burns me – this young man is right there with these assholes, whereever they are, he carries a loaded rifle, his own pack plus that damn heavy raido.  He will be a preferred target because he is their communications link to the rear.  He will be the one to call for fire support, med evacuation and any aid needed .  He will be right there in the thick of it with them, so what makes them think they are any better than him?  The only one more important than he will be their Navy Corpsman (the Doc), and he is not infantary.

     I just wish this old Redneck Marine could sit on their ears for awhile, I’d fill their heads with enough shit for them to dig out and ponder for awhile.

Enough of this ramble.

 I continue to improve a little each day…

Hopefully I will be able to continue my Billy The Kid ramble soon, right now I tire easly.


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