WOW 14,000

WOW 14,000

     Wow 14,000 hits on my blog.  I have been writing this rambel for two years this April, my daughter started me on this journey in 2006.I originally started out to record some moments of my life so she could better understand her old man.  It did not take me long to run out of things to recount  of my life and that of my other family members.  I then started to recount my adventures in the United States Marine Corps as a young man.  When my memories ran dry I started searching for other things to write about.  I have always been one who liked to do things rather than remain a spectator.  I never was one to sit and watch others preform, thus I have no real interest in sports, other than Professional Bull Riding, something I never had the opportunity to try and actually do not believe I ever possessed the strength to have been able to deal with.  Simply put if I am not involved in it I do not have much interest in it.  Well, I do really enjoy watching people with skills I do not have preform.  I , in spite of my hillbilly heritage do love dance, Ballet, Ball Room, Opera and Gymnastics and such skills.  But as I say I like to do things myself.

     So I have participated in my other loves 1840 Mountain Man Rendezvousing, Civil War Reenacting, and Cowboy Action Shooting.  And these activities provided me with material for the blog.  A intense interest in snakes opened up other doors to explore.  I have a pretty large library of book on the foregoing subjects that provide pages of material to be gleaned and reported on.

     To date in my twenty month journey I have made 137 posts and have recorded 190 comments.  Of those 190 comments, I have to include the replies I have made to those received.  I have cherished every one of the comments because it gives me insight to how people are receiving my writing.  People write to express their pleasure on certain subjects and others to express anger or opposing views.  All are appreciated.

     One was in outrage on my article on Doc Holiday.  He said he was a decent of the good Doc and my  reporting was all wrong, he provided me with other material that was some what different from what I had in hand.  I appreciate his comments and we exchanged several post and I hope he was somewhat mollified.  I must point out here when I write I am using books that I have on hand and do not intend to place myself as a authority on any subject at all.  I also write for my own enjoyment and in no way gain any profit.  I also admit I am shamelessly plagiarizing others research.

     It amazes me when I get comments from people who have met or known people or places I write about.  I mentioned a fellow rendezvouser named Three Feathers, I received a response from a lady who knew him from the mountains and wrote to tell me about her encounters with him and how she met him again later on still living in the mountains with his burrows a number of years after my time with him.

     I wrote about some friends who lived in Randsburg Calif.  in the the late 60’s.  I have exchanged notes and received a invitation to stop by if ever in the area, from a fellow who owns one of the houses I wrote about.  This has happened several time about people I have written about.  I never dreamed this venture would ever be so fruitful.

     The subjects I get the most hits on are the ones involving the Old West rambles.  On of the latest comments I received was from a fellow telling me how much he loved the Old West Rambles, and asking if I had ever heard of a certian incedent.  And no I have  not been able to find anything about it.  Hang on, I intend to return to the Old West soon.  But the ones that generate the most hits are The women of the west and the prostitutes.  Every day I get hits on these subjects.  I have been trying to find more but so far have been coming up dry.

     I have not even started on the Civil War, actually I’m kinda afraid to even attempt it.  There are so many buffs out there, that I know I would get riped apart every time I tried.  I have over one hundred hard bound books, and numerous paperback and six years worth of two different magazines on the subject.  Plus a number of vhs tapes. 

     I have got a lot of enjoyment out of this exercise and appreciate all of the people who have visited my site.  And especially those of you who have left the comments. 

Thanks for the support and interest.

rambling on down the road heading for 15,000, feel free to tag along.



One Response to “WOW 14,000”

  1. wholeenchilada Says:

    holy cow! That’s great that you’ve stuck with it and enjoyed your time writing. I’ve sure enjoyed the ride and the stories behind my dad – the man, the myth – the legend 🙂

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