Just Another Cold Winter Evening Ramble

     It’s just a cold, rainy evening here in sunny Southern California.  We have had more rain this last storm than we had last rainy season altogether.  It started last Friday night and has rained everyday some times quite heavily.  Up in the hill areas where we had the fires two months ago it has been quite heavy in some places up to four inches, actually I heard one place had six inches in a two day period.  The hills denuded by the fires have started to slide.  The worst problems has been with the accompanying winds and the softened ground many large trees are blowing over.  A number of cars have been totaled.  One Pine tree over seventy feet tall fell the other night.  the ground is so saturated that the mud cannot hold the roots.

     My wife has medical problems that cause her to be hot all the time.  And I am getting older, (knocking on the door of seventy in Oct.) and my blood is thinner so I tend to get somewhat colder than her.  Our house is larger than average, and the living room is quite large.  She wants to turn on the heater, but I think it is silly to heat up all that space for a six foot chunk of meat.  I am content to watch TV in my large recliner with my sweats on and wrapped up in a afghan.  I’m snug as a bug in a rug but she fusses at me about the danged heater.  I will be bundled up and she will be wearing one of my short sleeve T-shirts.  Well nuff about the weather.

     We got our troop care packages sent off this past Thursday.  I got the names of four Marines and two female Army service members from the lady at TroopCarePackage.com on Wednesday.  I was kinda surprised to find the four Marines were in the same unit as were the two girls.  The lady sent the names of the guys in alphabetical order, all four started with W,  The first letters of the last names are Wal, Wan, Wat and Wa.  They are in the Marine Security Force, Task Force,  Military Police Battalion.  With the Battalion number included.

     The two Army girls are in the same Platoon of  Transportation Company.  In the brief description of the unit it was stated that their living conditions were “The Soldiers live in an open-bay barracks”.  this means the guys and girls live together.  It also stated that several packages have been received in the platoon and they share among the others.  It was also stated that receipt of a anonymous package has a tremendous impact on their moral.  The girls will be there until August.  The Marine Mp’s until May.

     I cannot describe to you how it makes us feel to have sent these packages off.  We hope they help brighten the day and cause them to feel appreciated.  While we would really love to hear from any one of these service people we have been told not to expect a reply.  We have told them especially the girls that if there is anything they are having difficulty obtaining to let us know and if it is with in our means we will try to take care of it for them.

     As we have become involved in this project we have learned that these service people often have difficulty obtaining some of the basic needs.  Those closer to the front often do not have access to outlets where they can get the simplest of things.  and when they are able to get there often the demand exceeds the supply.  Even in combat simple things like toothpaste and brushes are in short supply, soap, eye drops, sunscreen and even famine hygiene needs are often not available.  My wife almost cried when she read some of the things girls request.  We were also told that the troop names we were sent would not be sent to anyone else so basically these are our troops to support. 

     Now a little about the boxes we sent.  We used the UPS Flat Rate Boxes.  the measure 11×8.5×5.5 inches really quite small.  I wanted to send each more than we did and really had those boxes stuffed.  also by regulation the boxes cannot bulge they have to be stack-able.  I was asking the lady at the post office who handled the first four how large a box I could send.  She told me to use the ones I had there, at the flat rate it cost me $8.98 + .65 for conformation delivery, she said if I used another box that it would cost me $18.95.  She said if I was to use a larger box it would cost me more than sending two of these smaller ones.  She told me they had figured it out from other packages,  I could send three flat rates    less that the same weight in a larger box.  So she advised me that if I needed to send someone more to use more smaller boxes.  I hope to hear from some of our people because we have quite a few snacks left over.  I the guys share there are sixteen pair of sock’s in their boxes and eight in the girls.  Also in the list they said it is getting cold over there and anything warm would be appreciated.

Well thanks for stopping by again.



3 Responses to “Just Another Cold Winter Evening Ramble”

  1. pbsweeney Says:

    Thanks for stopping by to see me, Bob, and for your kind comments. I read this with fascination, particularly about the details of mailing packages. It has inspired me to visit the web site and put together a few of my own. I will pass a link to this post around among my friends, too.

    Sorry to hear about the rains and mud slide problems in your neck of the woods. Spring cannot get here soon enough!


  2. ramblingbob Says:

    It’s only een a week, and they say it can take up to three weeks for a package to arive, but we are hoping to get replys so we can send more of what they need. It is a good feeling to finally done something to express our support in a personal way, other than to put out the flags every day it does not rain. Just checked on mine it is very windy today, thinking of bringing them last really bad day it bent the poles right at the hangers.

  3. wholeenchilada Says:

    Glad you enjoyed picking out stuff and packing them up for the soldiers. Even though you might never get a response, it still feels great to send a little TLC to those fighting for our freedom.

    Bravo to both you and mom!

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