A couple weeks ago my wife wanted to prepare a ham dinner for my grandson while he was home from Boot Camp.  Arraignments were made and on the selected night, we loaded the ham and all the fixings and went over to our son’s house.  After I had helped her get started by peeling the potatoes (a skill I mastered in the Marine corps), I retired to the living-room.  The grandson had been taking a nap when we arrived, he has been enjoying his new found freedom to the up-most.  We naturally started talking about the Marine Corps, as two or more Marines are want to do.  I overheard his mother tell my wife, “since J. has been home all I can getout of him are grunts when I ask him a question.  and now there he is in there talking to Papa (me) nonstop.”  To which my wife replied  “Get used to it it is two Marines talking shop.”

     My grandson was down on the floor demonstrating the three choices for foot placement  during the kneeling position.  returning to the couch he then said.

     “when we started rifle training they told us to forget anything we ever had learned about shooting and to learn the marine Corps way.  But you know Papa they didn’t show me anything that I didn’t already know!”

     So I asked him, ” who taught you how to shoot?”

     He replied, “You and Dad.”

     “And who taught your Dad?” I asked.

     “You did.” He said’

    ” And who do you think taught me how to shoot?” I asked.

    With a big dawning grin on his face he said “The Marine Corps!”

     I just spread my hands apart and shrugged.

      I mentioned a few chapters back that we had had lunch and spent awhile just sitting and talking about his boot camp experiences which I recounted some of.  After we had finished eating and talking for awhile we went to the nearby local indoor pistol range where I let him shoot almost two hundred rounds of Colt automatic pistol rounds.  The young-man was some what surprised to find that the old man still had more control of the handgun than he did.  but as I explained to him I have had years of practice with it.  Now his dad is a different story when we first started out I could shoot rings around him.  Now with the loss of muscle mass and strength with diabetes and age my son easily out shoots me.  but a father feels pride when their children be come proficient.  Of course I would still like to be able to beat him sometimes.

Well I think this will do me for now, so long and thanks for stopping by.





  1. wholeenchilada Says:

    Did he ever get interviewed by the newspaper reporter you mentioned had approached him, a couple of posts back?

    Glad you got to spend some quality time w/ J and chat it up. It’s been too long since I’ve been to a range but know, at least, I can shoot well enough to protect myself 😉

    love ya!


  2. GreenJeans Says:

    I’m looking for the mental commands B.R.E.A.T.H.E. This is something I think I remember from Parris Island 1969. Or something similar. Shame on me greatly, but it has left my conscience memory.

  3. Says:

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