Time is closing fast for my grandson in the Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego.  Two weeks from tomorrow, on Oct. 19  he will be through.  On the 17th we will be in San Diego resting up for early Thursday morning, we will be on base to watch his final motivational run, after which he will be allowed base liberty from 12:oo to 5:00 PM.  At that time we will get to visit with him and even meet his DI’s which I fully intend to do.  I want to personally thank them for making a boy into a young-man and a Marine.  It will mean more to me than his parents as I had the experience 51 years ago almost to the day.  He went in Oct. 23 and I joined Aug. 2. 

     We received two letters from him on the same day late last week in neither of them did he talk about his experience in the crucible.  He indicated that we should pick a day the week after he comes home to meet for breakfast and them we could grill him to our hearts content.

     Rather he told us about his swimming qualification tests which apparently he aced, with a second class award which is the highest you can obtain in boot camp.  The various tests included swimming 20 t0 30 meters with full Cammie’s and boots on.  repeating it with clothing, pack and a rubber rifle.  and with full equipment pulling a live person behind you.  He did so well that he was sent back on a later day to help recruits who in his words “suck”.

     His second letter was just a one pager written while sitting in a auditorium waiting for his ID card.  In it he listed all the throws, punches, blows, leg sweeps kicks and blocks also knife blocks and attacts that he had learned.  He has been awarded a brown belt in MCMAT (Marine Corps Martial Arts Training).  He said he had to demonstrate all of them before a Martial Arts Instructor.

     He is pleased with his-self and I am extremely proud of him.  I have stated it before and will again these Young men have done more i boot camp than I ever dreamed about.  What tickled me the most was he described a ten mile hike they took while on Pendelton after the crucible.  He said we hiked up this tall long hill, only to reach the top and there was another hill higher waiting, this happened six times.  I wrote him back I remember that hike as Goat Ridge Run,  I thought the Marine Corps would have wore that damn thing down to a mole hill after 50 years.

     Yes I look forward to seeing him in two short weeks and welcoming him into the brotherhood I know as the Marine Corps, ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE.   HoooRaaa!  In my day it was Gung Ho!





  1. Raven Says:

    What a tough, proud, ace of a marine he will be! So glad you get to go and visit with him and pretty cool you get to meet the drill instructors too! I’m bettin this will be the best early birthday present EVER 🙂

    Now the two of you just need to decide where you’re going to get your matching E&A tattoos hahahah!

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