Recieved our weekly letter this past Tuesday,  He usually writes on Sunday.       Started out with capital letters YA HOO, FOUR MORE WEEKS TO GO.  Actually it was five, but after he finishes this week a Pendelton he will return to San Diego Recruit Depot for the final four weeks.  And that will be all down hill from there.

     He told us of his experences in the gas chamber.   This is where they recieve their  gas mask training and familuarzation.  They go into a confined room where a pellet is placed into a tray of acid and the room fills with a airborne gas.  It is not dangerious ,but nasty as hell.  He said the gas burned the skin.  They had to remove their masks and put them on the top of their heads.  Then they cleaned them and put them back on.  Once again they raised them for a minute, this time he breathed some in.  He said his eyes burned and to quote him snot ran from his nose while he gagged.  Then they  put them back down.  finally they removed them compeletly and held them at their sides before cleaning them and putting them back on.  He said they one thing he came out of there with was compelete faith in the gas mask.

     The young man has ben heavy on my mind since early Tuesday, he started the crucable and will not finish untill this evening, Thursday.  It is 72 hours of intense situation training,  involving sleep deprivation, little nourshiment and senarios involving group cooperation and survial.  It is the most demanding  phase of their traning.  This is something that we did not experence in the mid 50’s.  I think the youngman is capable of excelling in this task.

     In the letters he sent to his family in the week following rifle qulafaction, he told them he was chosen to carry the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) on the field hikes and problems.  He felt it was a honor.  In my day the squad auto was a BAR that weighed 20# and you carried ten 20 round Magazines for it.  Nobody thought it was a honor, we all thought it was punishment. 

     After his graduation he gets to come home that day for a eight day leave.  He also managed to get recruitment duty, he gets to spend 10 – 14 days helping his recruiter.  He will spend the  day doing what ever the recruiter needs him to do then he will have the evenings at home, so in affect he will have 24 days home before reporting back to duty.

As you can tell this old Papa is  proud.

If your a Marine or Marine related


to everyone else the best



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