I recieved a letter this afternoon as I was sure it would arrive today.  My grandson excitedly wrote it Sunday, he had fired for qulafication on the rifle range  Friday.  It started out with captial letters WA  HOO!  I SHOT EXPERT!!    As I said before I fully expected he would, as his father and I had him shooting with us at a very early age.  He compeletly exceed my expectations.  He went on to relate how he shot a 222 out of a posiable of 250 and had the second to the highest score in the Company of 232.  He was extatic.  Going on he told me he fired two possiables at two hundred yards (that means he did it twice)  in sitting rapid fire that is 10 out of 10 in the black in 60 seconds   That’s one shot every six seconds aimed and hit.  He said he messed up at 300 yards rapid fire sittting or he would have scored higher.

     Then he got carried away with a young Marines bravado, how he did not know if he would ever get sent incountry (Iraq) but if he did he would get some of those bastards.  How he could now hit a prone target 10/10 at 200 yards   and a standing target at 500 yards.  He stated the young Marine who got him to join, who has been to Iraq, was wounded in a IED with schrapnel and is recomended for the Purple Heart.  He promised if he went he would get a few for him and you Papa.

     This is a far diffrent young man from a few short weeks ago.  His confidence and pride has out striped the hesasant fearfull young recruit he was.  I have followed his progress on a daily basis on the boot camp calander I keep by the computer.  He is over the hump and on the down hill run to graduation on Oct. 19..  

     This week he gets to some nitty gritty stuff , yesterday was unconventinal fire?? Today he was introduced to the gas chamber and the gas mask, a nasty experence, not harmfull but extremely unpleasant ( you think you are going to die.  He has group fire, and moving targets all this week.  Something I never had.  and more Martial Arts Program on Friday.  Next week he hits the CRUCIABLE 72 hours of little sleep, nourshiment and extrem mental and physical hardship problems, that have to be worked out as a team.  Lord when he weathers that I imagen he will be cockey as hell, but he will have earned the right.

      The following week he will be back in San Diego and four short, fast weeks of wind up training then graduation.  I know I have said I will be right there in the stands to see this event.  On the Thursday before, we can go on base and watch their motivotional run and meet their Drill Instructiors,  and have a afternoon visit with the new Marine.  I want to meet the guys who has transformed my grandson into a Man.  I loved the kid with all my heart, but was worried he was headed down a rudderless destructive highway.  Now I am bursting with pride, we have formed a bond with our letters, as I have known much of what he experenced from fifty years ago.  but this youngman has faced more and learned more in his thirteen weeks than I did.  And I wonder if I would have preformed as well as he has…




  1. Steve Says:

    That is just the greatest news,really wonderful

  2. Raven Says:

    The dude r-o-c-k-s! Most in our family know how to handle a gun and shoot, but with his qualifications he sure has a lot to be proud of! He’s held up well and is about a month away from graduating – that’s so awesome! Hope he comes out cocky as hell and full of fire, he will surely have earned it during the intense training. I might be a bad influence but I already asked what tattoo he was going to get first 😉

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