As some of you know I now have a grandson in the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, Ca… the twenty year old young man has generated a upsurge of  Pride in this old man’s emotions.   Now here’s the rub I’ll turn 69 the end of Oct. but still have difficulty considering my self as old.  I go to a resturant and see someone in their late 70’s and 80’s and that is old (to me).  But recently things have been happening that  makes me reflect.   I have recently joined a Marine Corps Hangout site where we can post and respond to others about various Marine related topics.  With every post I have made a number of people have chosen to wade in and place their two cent’s worth.  I have noticed that so far no one over the age of 58 has responded.  Now on to a few examples.

     I particapated in a Atomic Bomb test back in July of 57.  No one has ever met or heard of anyone who did this.  And I have been asked if I glow in the dark!  No .  Was worried a number of years back when all the hoopl;a came out about John Wayne and all the actors who were making films near there developed cancer and died,  Of course they fail to consider that The Duke smoked three packs of cigerattes aday.  I mentioned it to my Dr.  A old blunt German Army Vet. who replied he was exposed to more radation a year than I was in that test.  End of worry,still kicking.

     Asked the question how many of them particapated in beach landing by climbing down cargo nets into waiting landing crafts.  None!  Few did the drill in boot camp but never in the water, the last to reply said he remembered the drill in 93.

      I mentioned making landings  and being watched by civilans alongside Pacific Coast Highway.  Was pratically called a liar by one as the PCH and I-5 were seperated by a distance and I-5 runs through Pendelton not PCH.  Christ in 57-58 There was no I-5  Just Pch which  the I-5 runs on top of now days. Hell I waved at them as we passed under the underpass inland to Pendelton and you damn sure could see the ships and landing craft coming in.  Plus there is still a turn out  where people watched hovercraft come in not too long ago it was in the paper.

    Then I asked how many remembered the M1 rifle.  Not a one so far has even saw one except for two who has friends who purchased them.  One even went so far as to confuse it with the m1 and m2 carbine. 

     Then I mentioned having four old Carlson Raiders in my outfit marking time to retirment and was met with disbelief.  Lord what will they think when I mention sitting and listening to  a old Warent Officer and a old Master Sargent with a white handel bar moustach talk of WWI one day.

     Yeah I guess I’m just getting older than Dirt.  But I still eat breakfast at a place where we often see old Rudy and his wife, both in their 80’s, and he was on Iwo Jima In wwII, in the Army as a Artillary Leutinant.  So maybe I have a way to go .

    But I am eagar to have my grandson graduate from boot camp so I can sit and listen to his stories, he has heard all mine.    He graduates on Oct.19 seven days before my 69th birthday, what a present that will be for me.  If you rate one ,   SEMPER Fi,   if not then best wishes for your willingness to read a old mans ramble.





  1. Raven Says:

    ooooh ra!

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