Not a lot going on except for a few health scares, that seem to be deminishing at present.  Old age ain’t for sissies, so they say.   If I could hide my head under the covers and let them pass me by I sure as hell would.   Battling the heat also saps the strength, we are not used to this humidity here in Southern California.  When I live in Missouri as a kid it was a fact of life every year.  We did not know what air-conditioning was in those days, as I indicated in previous blogs, namely the one about various family members creating fans using washing-machine motors to disastarious effects.  We do not have centeral air in our home, just the window unit in my wifes bed-room.  Air conditioning, especially when it blows directly on me, causes me problems,  I start coughing right away.   In the car when it blows out the side vent onto my left arm on the steering wheel, it soon causes me pain in my joints.  This is a ordeal because I either put up with the pain or roast  in the heat with the rest of my body.  Guess I should   wear a removable sleeve on that arm Huh?  I can get by with a fan on most days.  Right now I’m in the computer room under the overhead Fan with my older cat sleeping in a laundry basket next to me and the baby asleep on the floor next to her.

    Well speaking of my girls, the baby developed what we were told, was a hot spot on the left side of her neck.  The hair fell out and it was raw.  Just happned real quick with no warning.  Took her to a local vet, (hardly spoke english) where we were told it was a hot spot.  Was given a bottle of anti-biotics and a small bottle of Idione, she recieved a injection, all for the paltry sum of $120.  Three weeks later, not any noticable improvment we took her into our regular vet 15 miles futher away.  Was told it in a viral infection, a injection, new anti-biotics and a salve, minus a additional $129,  now three days later and she shows a great improvment and is more playful.  Seems like trying to save money is more costly than just paying for the best to start with.

     Now on to our Marine Corps Recruit and his progression through boot traning.  He has just finished up his fourth week today, actually the third of hard traning.  So far as I can follow he has had two bouts of Pugal stick traning the first of which he missed because he sprained his knee on the confidence course.  He got to clean the heads (restrooms for those of you who do not know the terminalogy) instead.  He does not enjoy the experence any better as of yet, but said the DI’s have let up a little.  He has also already had Strikes and Counter Strikes, hand to hand combat.  He finally got his debit card last Tuesday, and I guess a visit to the PX.  Tomorrow they go for swim testing and instruction.  I remember when we did ours 50 years ago we had to jump feet first off a thirty foot tower simulating abanding ship.  We were also shown how we could use a shelter half and two crossed rifles and out helmets and liner to make a raft to float our equiptment across a deep river.  I think this week he will also get first aid training.  This next Saturday they will be bussed up to Camp Pendelton for four weeks of intense training.  The first two weeks will be learning how to aim and pratice snappin in ( squeezing the trigger correctly) and the second live fire and ending with qualification.  No sweat there, his Dad, my son, and I have had the kid shooting since he was old enough to hold a rifle assisted.  The third week there will be  feild training, followed by what is termed the CRUCIABLE about 52 hours of hell in the feild in simulated combat conditions.  I have stated it before and will again I feel these young men are recieving more intense and physical traning than what I recieved and I thought it was rough then.

     When he returns from Pendelton in five weeks it will be a down hill run for the next four weeks to his graduation and the awarding of  their Eagle, Globe and Anchors, He is already writing in antisapitation of that event.      My friend asked if I intended to be there for the event.  The only way I’ll miss it is through death or serious illness, wouldn’t miss it for money.  To show my support I have been writing him two to three times a week.  I did not have that support from home when I was there and know how important it is to hear from home.  These kids have no radio or TV or newspapers to keep up with the outside world and the letters are the highlight of their day when they get them.  I do not know the circumstance, (Ibelieve it was right after he sprained his knee), but he was writing a letter to his Sister (14 he misses her dearly as they are very closr and have never been seperated).  Any way he got it taken away and read in front of the whole platoon.  Thank God it was not the one he had mailed to me already where he described his three DI’s vividly. 

       Well, in a aside I now have three grey T-shirts I wear anouncing to the world my pride in being a former active Marine.  The first says     TO ERR IS HUMAN    TO FORGIVE IS DEVINE   over a large EGA under which is it states  NEITHER OF WHICH   IS MARINE CORPS POLICY.  the second     has a smaller EGA on the left breast and OLD CORPS  printed over it.  Number three which I just recieved is a RONALD REGAN  quote from 1985,  on the back .  ” Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a diffrence.  MARINES DON’T HAVE THAT PROBLEM.”   On the front is a red trimmed yellow USMC with a colored EGA on the left breast.  This morning I was at breakfast with my wife at a nice Mexican Brunch, while standing line at the omlet bar a neat young man inquired If I had any family member in the Marines at this time.  I realised I was wearing my shirt with    a large USMC over layed with NOT SO LEAN,  NOT SO MEAN,  BUT STILL A MARINE .  I of course replied that my grandson was just completing his third week of recruit traning.  He then told me he graduated from recruit traning in March and is currently training at Twentynine  Palms (the sand box,that triggered a flod of memories) he is in comunications and will soon be sent to Logistics at Barstow.  (how about that Steve?)   We chatted until our omlets were ready then he moved off to rejoin his large family in another section of the resturant.  I would have love to talk to him some more but did not want to intrude on his Family reunion looked like Family and Aunts, Uncles and all.  He was a sharp looking young man even in his civies.  To watch a young person polite and attentive is a pleasure and fills me with pride in our young service men and women.

Well I hope this is enough to let people know the old fart is still alive and feably kicking.

gonna ramble on out of here for now, be back soon with a story about Misterious Dave Mathers mentioned in the Wyatt Earp section.


2 Responses to “THIS AND THAT”

  1. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the update,hope you are feeling better as well is Judy.

  2. Susan Fleming Says:


    My name is Susan Fleming. I’m Tom Nixon’s gggrand daughter. His and Cornelia’s son, Howard Tracy Nixon is my great grandfather, his daughter Buela Cornelia Nixon, my paternal grandmother.

    I would love to have access to any research that you have found that supplied you with the information to write this article. I have microfitch of the news clippings. But you brought up some other interesting tidbits.

    I have Tom Nixon’s pictures as well as Cornelia Houston, and Howard Tracy. They also had another child, Jessie.



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