Really nothing going on to report on , just can’t find anything to the boob tube.  Just finished the seventh Harry Potter book.  Yeah, this old soon to be 69 year old guy has read all seven.  I am amazed at the number of adults who have read all seven of the books.   If you have never read one but have seen the movies I pity you.  You really need to have read the book  to understand what is going on.  the movies are made for Potter fans and the expection is I suppose they have read the book.  Like all movies based on a book , they cannot put everything in, so the flow of what is going on is sketchy at best.  My wife has watched several of the on TV and never understands what is happening.  Did I like the last booK?  Yes, but thought the first half kinda dragged for awhile, but the last half had all the adventure we craved.  I thought it was kinda dark for a young reader, but also realise that most have already read the first six, so I suppose they could handel the story line.  With the end, especally the last chapter, it is plain that the Harry Potter line is finished.  However I suppose Mrs. Rowling could start a new series with the offsprings of the three main principals.

     Recently finished the 4,400 word series of Stephen King’s,  ” Dark Tower”  series a total of six books.  Wow does that guy have a twisted, convulted mind.  It is amazing that one person can write so much stuff.  Over forty novels and compulations of short stories.  I have read almost all forty of them , currently in “CELL”.  I think he has a few new ones just out.  I have to be carefull because they keep reissuing his books and it is easy to buy something you have already read.  I have done this with Dean Koont’s.  I have read so much of his stuff also.  Others I have polished off are James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell and most of  Robert Lundum,     Fedric Forsite,  Jack Higgins, and a number of others.  I am always trying to find some one new. 

     My grandsone has just finished his second week of Marine Corps Boot Camp traning.  We recieved our first letter from him Friday.  He said he expected it to be rough, but not this rough.  No matter how much someone tells you, you have to experence it yourself to truly understand it.  Had to smile at his description of his DI’s.  His senior DI is  quote, a big Samoin Sgt., seven feet tall, 365 pounds and beefy as hell.  second Di a Sgt. that screams at us for anything, everything and nothing, scary, and a crazy fu#*!r.  The third is a short hispanic Sgt. that watches everything we do with two pair of eyes.

  He recieved his rifle in the second week of being there, a m16A1.  I guess he will be married to that damn thing for his stay in Calif.  He will turn it in when he gets reasigned to North Carolina, where he will be issued another on arrival for his seven month training there.  He will go to Camp Pendelton  on his sixth week of boot  for rifle training the first two weeks and a week of feild training afterward.  the seventh week is called the CRUCIABLE.  a week of intense   combat training with sleep deprivation and hell and a lot of heavy physical crap.  It is a make or break week.  They have a lot more crap than I had to endure as a boot in 1956.  I have every confidence the young man will shine and make all of us old Marines proud of him.

     As I said a lot of nuttin about nuttin,  gonna to be shoveling along, as the undertacker used to say on the old Fibber McGee radio show, years before most of you were born.  What is a radio you ask?  It was kinda like a TV with out a picture!





  1. Steve Says:

    Is Rambling Bob on vacation????

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