OH GOD!   HERE COMES GOD!

     Today is Thursday, July 26, according to my MCRD weekly schedule, My grandson Jeremy met his Drill Instructor today for the first time.  the previous two days have been spend in indrocunation (we found out they did not send him down until Tuesday for some reason, they lodged him and another kid in a hotel over night Monday).  He will have been shaved, shorn and taught how to stand at attention, and how to place his feet and the rudments of march.  He also knows that everyone except his fellow recruit’s are his supperiors regardles of rank, they are Marines while he is a lowly recuit.

      Last night he probably got to get a little sleep, in the book it says the first 36 hours are spent in a constant whirlwind of activity.  At a ungodly hour in the morning, with not enough sleep he and his fellows probably were rudely awakened by a screaming Dimi-god, in a freshly launderied uniform with spitshined shoes wearing the famious Smokey Bear Hat.  He was probably rushed outside in the near darkness of early dawn and recieved a toungh lashing like he has never known.  The breaking down process has began, he will be striped of all his dignity and self esteem.  My Drill instructor, named Sgt. Evans, apugnashious, apperantly conceted A**hole if I ever met one,  Informed us we were two inches lower than whale sh**.  That we no longer had any rights, we had no Momma, no Papa, and damn sure no God we were abandoned.  From that instant on we belonged to him, he was Momma, Papa and God.  We would stand, sleep, eat, shi#, only when he told us to and gave us permision.  And by God the A##hole meant every word of it.  For the next thirteen weeks we moved as a machine with each part doing its asigned tast to keep it moving in a well oiled precision none of us would ever believed posiable just a few short weeks before.

     That Marine tore us down to raw meat and built us into Marines.       The day He and the other DI’s handed us our Eaglle, Globe and Anchor, shook our hand and called us Marine was one of the proudest days of our lives.  To finally have that man we had called the Brute show us respect was a momentious experence for all of us.  The nearest thing to it is when a child we have helped create is born, I suppose it is much the same for a DI to see a clumsy spoiled civillan be come a Marine as a product of his efforts.

      Jeremy has just started his long and fearfull road to earning his DI’s respect.  But this old grandpa has faith in his grandson and the Marine Corps Drill Instructior’s abilitys to make a pretty spoiled boy into a self disiplined and proud Marine. 

     Next week he will do his first mile and a half run ( thank goodness he had taken my advice and been running for a while in preperation for boot camp also spending time in the gym, where there were other Marines working out).  He has a premilinary fitness test coming up soon.  Of course there will be a barage of mental and eductional level tests. 

      Also in the first week or training, next week this one is just indrocnutation, he will learn customs and traditions, USMC history, and begin standing internal guard (we called it fire watch.  someone patrols the barricks for two hour stints at night).    And mixed in with all this is sprints, sprints and more sprints.  His first begins tomorrow friday 27th. 

     I was supprised to see that in the second week he will be introduced to the Pugal Sticks.  For those of you that do not know what these are, they are the sticks that are padded on each end.  In pairs the guys are given padded head gear and padded gloves and set against each other.  Simalar to bayonet traing or more acturatlly like Robin Hood and Little John on the log over the river.  It is a introduction to aggresivness.  Actually this was not introduced until after my  passage through boot camp.  Looking at the schedule I see he has he pugal stick in week 3 and 4 also.

    I’ll take a look at where he is in week three a little later.  He will be a very busy guy for the next two weeks, having been there for my shot a long time ago I have a better idea what he is enduring than one who has not experenced it.  I hated every minute of it, but like every Marine that passed through it, would not give up minute of it for money.  It was a life changing experence you cannot gain elsewhere.  

        Untill later



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