Great video – Press One For English

     Here is a neat site my wife forarded to me from one of her friends.  It is a cool music vedio sang by a gal that can really sing.  If you ever try to call somewhere and get that damn push one for English it hits the nail on the head. 

     There are other clips included on the site, that I feel are profane, and not worth watching , especially the Man from boston.  so if you chose to watch him know I do not endorse him.

Press One For English is performed by Ron and Kay Rivoli of the Rivoli Revue.

     Lord this is sore point with me I have lived in the area where we are located for 34 years.  Obver half the flyers and junk mail we recieve is in spanish.  People are al the time coming to my door and addressing me in spanish, pisses me off. 

      Had to stiffel my laughter a while back, heard my wife answer the phone; Heard her say ” There ain’t no Juan here, never has been no  Juan here, will never be no Juanhere’ and slammed down the reciever.  Kept my mouth shut in self preservation.

      this is another subject that I could rant over with no end.  So will rambel on out of here for now.

Oh Yes Enjoy


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