Well crap what the heck kinda place are we living in??

      In our local paper yesterday Sunday the 9th, there was a article about a 30 year old mother who drove her teenage son and a group of his friends to a park, knowing that they were going there to kill a fourteen year old boy.  Seems like this little vest pocket park is a place of contention between several gangs.  Earlier in the day a juvinile city park employee was jumped and beaten by some gang members, because he was not in either gang and had no right to be there.  Police were called and a investigation made with accounts given by a homeless man. 

     After the police has left the scene, the son of the thirty year old woman, was set upon and beaten by members of the other gang.  The mother was incissed at the act and encourged her son and others to retaliate.  She then drove them to the park where they stabbed a fourteen year old numerious times, then she drove them away. 

     The fourteen year old was taken to the hospital by realitives where he died.  Police responded to the park and were informed of the  boy taken to the hospital.  On their arival he had already died.  Investigation at the hospital and the park led to the apprehention of the attacters including the mother.  Now they all are charged with murder,  including the mother. 

     What the hell kind of parenting is that?????

     In todays paper my wife showed me a article.  Two streets down a nineteen year old broke into a home at 2:00 AM, with the family asleep inside.  A ten year old woke and gave a alarm.  the teenager ran, but Police called to the scene quickly apprehended him. 

     My wife is terrified to live here and I don’t blame her.  I myself have no paticular fear of the punks, but often I have to leave her here alone while I do errands.  But let this old wannabe cowboy (and thats in the attitude, which I have a excess of) and most of all inactive Marine, issue this warning!!  Come into my bunker when I’m here and the’ll carry your dead ass out on a strecther.  Me and my old .45 ACP will talk you out of your skin.  I can sure the hell get your finger prints all over one of my butcher knife’s in a hurry.  And I have a right to protect myself in my home ( this ain’t Britan, Canada or Australia yet).

      Enough said on the subject.



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