While searching for something to watch on the boob tube the other day, I saw “A History Of Violence ‘ advertised.  I watched this movie in a room in a casion in Las Vegas a year ago April with my wife and daughter.  Now I am going to total destroy his name but it stated Vigro Mortessen of the Lord Of rings Fame.  It centered around a man with a past that had a lot of violence in it , who was trying t live a nornal life as a family man in a small town.  A couple of hoodlums attempted to rob his small resturant, which he was cool with.  Untill they starte to kill his waitress then he retaliated, and eventually killed them.  this gained him much unwanted press attention which inturn alerted  individual from his past as to his where abouts.  the movie goes on to a violent climaxe.

     I wonder how many people are living out there who have a capacity for violence that they keep in check?  Many of our former active servicemen cerently have lived through violent situtations I am sure.  Then there are thousands upon thousands shooters like my self who can hit very small targets with ease, who never are called upon to use our skills in defense of our selves or others.  But again each month in my N R A magazine there is a full page of incedents where people have had to do just that, many in their late sixties and seventies, male and female.  Unfourtnatly the news media is very slanted in their reporting and choose to highlite the use of guns in crimes and  violent acts rather in the light of someone doing good.

     I constantly see the young punks strutting around in their arragonce showing their contempt for others who have no ides who they are strutting in front of.  Who do they think were the bad boys (not punks but bad dudes to mess with) before they strooled on to the scene?  Do they honestly think that ,that 35, 40 or 50 year old guy with his wife and kids never busted a head or two?

     I myself am a 69 year old diabetic, on heart meds. and with bad feet.  But I can still keep all fifty of abox of .45 auto slugs  on a ten inch target at thirty-five feet, long range for a pistol fight.  I have shot archery often in my past and attained a degree of acuracy.  I have foolled with almost every kind of weapon imaganiable at one time or the other,including those of the martial arts.

     I also in addition to my Marine Corps tranning of years ago, have studdied Har-Wrang-Do and Lima_Lama_ Kung_Fu.  While I no longer pratice any of it, I still remember all the moves and executions.  My bones are stiff and muscle’s a little weaker but feel I could make an aquital of my self if pressed.  I at least remember that you don’t pussy-food around in a fight, but try to hurt your opponent as bad and fast as you can and supprise is your best tatic. 

       I am not trying to blow a hollow horn here, but just wondering how many people like me ther are that might supprise someone in a pinch.  Make no illisouions I know that a younger guy can take a older person of equal skill in the long run.  And I cerently am not looking for a opportunity to prove myself in a act of violence, hell I couldn’t survive the jail time.  and am not even interested in spending my time next tp Paris.

      I guess what really irks me is the contemp the younger generation has for the older, Its like being a Marine you never stop, and when you once considered yourself as moderatly bad???          Gonna ramble on out of here now and try to find something else on the tube.



2 Responses to “A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE”

  1. Raven Says:

    here here! I often wonder if the skinny wanna be punks and ganstas realize that I’m not your average 36 year old gal. I was raised by a marine, taught survival training, self defense, hand to hand, grew up a tom-boy and there’s a story told about me shooting my dad’s big hand gun at age 3-4 – a .45 maybe? For me it’s about respect and alot of punks out there think they are tough, invinceable and basically untouchable. I wonder what they’d think to have their arses dented with my steel toe boots? Heck, even if I had sandals on I’d knock’em to the ground with my big butt and sit on their backs until the police came to laugh at them! Well, they’d probably out run me and laws these days make good folks afraid to stand up for themselves for fear of lawsuits anyway!

  2. ramblingbob Says:

    Your mom tried to leave a comment but it wound up on my e-mail instead. She was recalling your leaving a dent in the door of the car when that black guy stole your laptop in compton qand you being dragged down the street while leaning in his window untill he pulled the gun on you. It was brave and foolish on your part and the excellent discription yo could give to the police as to the make and model of the gun but the scrachy discription on the perp. she also recalled how you roamed the neighborhood wearing your cowboyboots and a pair of guns on your hips at the age of four and five. and your hero the Outlaw Josie Wales. And how all the neighbors called you annie Oakley/ fond memories she still thinks you could kick butt

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