rambling around in a empty space (my head)

     Sometimes I feel like my head is a empty high school gymnasium.  Just a scuffed up hard wood floor and ragged nets hanging limply from old bent hoops at each end of the court.  It can faintly remember the noise of pound feet and the loud cheers of a teeming crowd.  The smell of sweat and excitement prevails the air.  And memories of cute cheerleaders add a pleasant touch to these long gone days.  Now the old auditorium is darkened, lit only by the dull red glow of exit lights over each empty door.

     To go back the analogy of Socrates and the pigon coop.  My hand keeps grooping for a bird but keeps coming up empty handed.  Thoughts are flying will-nilly around in my head and I can not keep one still long enough to grasp it.

     Just received my latest issue of The National Geographic Magazine.  The main article is on the melting of the Glaciers at the accelerated speed.  People we are in for some big trouble and soon.  As the upper layers melt the run off water draws the heat of the sun and causes more melt.  We are probably past the point of recovery.  With the slight rise of temperature caused by the melt, the glaciers are not replenishing them selves.  And water that thaws and runs below the glaciers create a lubricant that causes the movement of the hugh chunk of ice to slide along even faster.

    The so called experts are predicting a rise of sea levels of twenty-five feet world wide.  Think if you will of all the coastal area that are inhabited now then think of a additional twenty plus feet of water all along the same coast.  Hell most of our ports and docks would be under water.  Then think also of the large rivers that will be impacted.  A twenty foot rise of the Gulf of Mexico would undulate New Orleans and most of Florida as we know it.  And the waters of the Mississippi River would rise also for how far.  How much land mass do we stand to lose? 

     Well I am old enough I do not expect to be around for it.  But I do have Kids and their Kids who will be impacted.  Once again I am struck as to how powerless I am to make any viable difference. 

     And fresh water is growing more scarce with each passing day.  When you think of the water one person uses in a days time it is staggering.  We drink only a small portion of what we use.  Each toilet flush 3-5 gal., wash your hands, brush your teeth 2-3 gal..  Take a shower ?= 30 gal. easily.  Dishwasher 15 gal., water your lawn, wash your car?  The list is endless,we Americans waste with out thought of waste or tomorrow.

     The state of Texas used to have what they thought were inexhaustible aquifers.  The irrigation of farm land and pastures has seriously depleted these same aquifers.  In my own state of California they have built houses on almost every piece of ground they can level enough.  Down around the Temecula area between Corona and Escondido it is now almost solid housing projects and shopping centers.  All within the last five-teen years.  They say we have plenty of water, for how long?

     Have you been to Las Vegas lately?  Where the hell do they get their water?  That has to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  Housing track after tract.  And all the water on the strip. geez.

      All over the country water rationing is in effect.  In Payson, Arizona water rationing is in effect.  You are not allowed to plant a grass lawn, everybody has gravel landscapes.   Also in Las Vegas in the housing track my wife’s friend lives on you better not get caught washing down your driveway or your car, it is a ticket offence.

     Oh well I’m not a expert on anything, just a half-a$$ed, poorly read old fart with a lot of questions and no answers.  I do feel we are headed deeper into hell than we already are in a large hand-basket held by the devil himself.  If we look closely enough we might even recognise the old gent as ourselves.


                         rambling on


2 Responses to “rambling around in a empty space (my head)”

  1. Raven Says:

    Agree with you that the world is either falling apart or about to blow up. When you actually read the data on global warming – newly named to be more interesting “Climate Change” – it is staggering. Looking at shots of glaciers, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. from above over last 10-20-30 years is just scary how much water/ice is gone – and still disappearing! You can see all the smog in the air that WE create – we build cars that can park themselves or a pickup that can tow something a normal driver would ever need to, but we can’t find cure to the big diseases – unless you count erictile dysfunction as one, figure out how to stop using fossil fuels or use less energy. Our public transportation systems suck so no one uses them and nobody in this country realizes just how much we american use/waste without thinking/caring about the future. Ack, I could go on forver – I AM your daughter 😉

  2. ramblingbob Says:

    Yeah Kid I am afraid I have poluted your mind with my uncontrolled ramblingd. remember when you would ask a question on the way to school (five miles by truck or bike) ans wind up with a disertation on something. Like who owned the private christian school you attended, and wound up up a long winded explanition of how a private corporation was formed?? Yeah, sometimes I saw you roll your eyes when you realised what was about to happen. Also remember the fifth grade paper you wrote ” I learned every thing I need to know in kindergaurden and from my Dad”? don’t think he gave you too good a grade on that peice!! But yes you are my daughter and I am proud of it!!!

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