My Guns Yesterday and Today

     If you have read many of my earlier stuff, You will know by this time I am a shooter.  As I stated before, I could shoot the center of the “O” out of a Tomato can, by the age of nine.  I have that .22 rifle stored in my gun safe today.  I inherited it from my father, it has not been shot in years.  I can not begin to number the guns I have owned and traded in the far distant past.  The laws in California are so strict it is difficult to transfer a firearm to my son or grandson.  The laws are much stricter today than in the past.

     In the days of the early sixties, when transporting a handgun I was required to carry it in the front seat where it was visiable upon approach of a police officer.  On three different occasions I was stopped by law enforcement officers with hand guns in the car.  The first comes to mind involved three friends and me.  We were searching for a place to shoot past the area of Lake Elsinore, Ca..  As young guys are wont to do we were talking and enjoying each others company.  As we zipped down the highway past the town of Elsinore we were literally flying low with no traffic to contend with.  Suddenly there were bubble gum lights and a wail behind us.  I quickly pulled to the side and stopped.  Now here is the situation I had, there were at least six revolvers laying on the seat between me and the guy riding shotgun.  When the motorcycle officer stepped to the window he of course spied the bunch of guns in evidence.  He took a step back and placed his hand on his side arm.  Then he got a good look at us.  The two in the back seat were leaning forward with their hands clasped  and fingers intertwined tightly resting on the back of the front seat.  The friend in shotgun had his right arm out the window with his hand grasping the drip rail and the left open on the dash.  I had my left hand grabbing my drip rail and my right hand clamped tightly on the top of the steering wheel.  He looked at our frozen tableau and burst out laughing.  He then inquired if I knew how fast I was going?   I replied no.  I was then told I was going over ninety miles a hour.  I was surprised as I did not know that 58 Ford could travel that fast.  After checking my drivers license and registration.  He asked if we were looking for a place to shoot?  With my answer of yes he then proceeded to give me directions as where to go .  Then turning serious he said I’m going to give you a verbal warning and let you go, just don’t make the other traffic look like it’s standing still.  I feel to today that it was the demeanor we displayed that caused him to be as lenient as he was.

     On a second occasion a few years later, I and a roommate were returning home about two AM one morning when we were stopped by two members od the Sheriff’s Department just because it was late and we were two young guys.  We had two .45 Cal Colts in the front seat again.  It was a dark street with no lights near by.  Upon stopping We started to exit the vehicle the Deputy commanded us to remain in the car.  I called back to him there are two handguns on the seat.  Step out of the car with your hands visible came the quick command.  There again after a check of license again we were allowed to go on to our home just a few blocks away.  We had really done nothing wrong and were just stopped because it was late and dark.  They accepted our explanation that we had been shooting earlier and were finally returning home from a friends house.  There again cooperation was the key for the out come.

      Several of us were shooting in San Gaberial Canyon on the East Fork, which used to be open for shooting.  I had what was called a Eagle Carbine.  This was a strange kind of weapon,  It had a blowback operation like the old grease gun of WWII.  It was however semi-automatic, meaning the trigger had to be pulled each time.  It was fed by the grease gun’s twenty round magazine,  it came with two of them.  It had a tommygun stock and a front pistol grip.  It had no piratical purpose other than a toy.  We were down it the canyon shooting for awhile when somewhere nearby I heard some full auto fire.  I decided it was time to leave.  I went running up the side of the draw we were shooting in to where we had parked the car.  As I crested the rise with the gun held at high port I found my facing two Sheriff Deputy’s just exiting their patrol vehicle.  As our eyes met I could see their eyes widen slightly.  I immediately opened my hands and let the weapon fall to the ground, it was empty, and took two steps back.  As they approached I informed them that it was semi-automatic and empty.  After a inspection of the weapon and determining it was indeed not automatic, I was allowed to retrieve the gun.  I then called back down the canyon to my friend who also had one of the same guns to come on up.  We were asked about the auto fire reported and we told them where we thought it was coming from and were allowed to load up and go on back home.  I shortly sold that gun to a police officer in El Segundo.  It was prone to jamming anyway.

     These fools that do not cooperate with the law enforcement people and wave any thing that looks like a gun are just asking for trouble.  These damn soft air guns they are making are so real looking that a person who has been around guns all their life’s are easily fooled especially if the red tip is removed from the muzzle.

     Now days I must travel with my gun unloaded in a locked box in the rear of my vehicle, My SUV has tie down brackets in the back so I also use a chain and padlock to secure it.   And the ammo completely separated from it.  And even then I am only allowed to transport it from one place to another I can not just have it in the car to have it with me.  They have shut down most of our gun shows and have made it so hard to purchase a firearm in California.  Then they have shut down most of our rifle ranges, and there is virtually no open shooting anywhere anymore.  Any shooting I do is on indoor ranges restricted to only hand gun ammunition.  I can use my Winchester because it uses the .45 Colt handgun cartridge. 

     OK gun control, the joke is being able to hit your target.  But we have so many restrictive gun laws that are ignored or poorly enforced.  Lets take Snoop Dog( you take him I can’t stand the SOB).  Drug charges for the ????time, firearm possession by a felon, plus other violations.  What does he get?  Three years suspended and community service??  Holybegeez, whatsup?  They just busted a large gun store selling to felons after three years investigation, why so long???  People lets do our jobs now.  A mental case buys a gun in Virgina?  He was known to be mental but a stupid tech. law  did not put his name on any list.  Is this the gun dealers or some govt. quackry’s fault?  I am a law abiding citizen, I follow it to the letter.  I can not carry a gun for self defence legally, and if I get caught can loose some of my rights.  I purchase a  hand gun or long gun, I wait ten days before I can pick it up.  It cost me almost forty dollars for back ground checks and every five years I have to take a state safety test for another twenty-five bucks.  I have to show proof of ownership of safety devices or a gun safe.  If every one did that how many fools would own guns that do not deserve them.   Before all this “safety precautions” came into effect I was in what was called “Gemco” at the time, at the gun counter for some reason the other.  A fool asked to see a rifle and was handed one to inspect.  He kept waving it around and the muzzle kept pointing at my head.  I would gently push it away and here it would be again.  The third time I snatched it away and handed it to the clerk and said you give it back to him before I leave I’m gonna cram it up his a$$.  The fool said it’s unloaded,  I said how do you know did you look at the chamber before you started waving it around.  I guess the blaze in my eyes backed him down because he left.  I told the clerk he does not need a gun.  And he said I agree, but I can’t do anything about it.  Well to day we can and should.  There are millions of us that have guns who deserve them and there are a lot that need to be weeded out.  Nuff of that I’e said my piece for the night.

   rambling off to bed       ramblingbob


One Response to “My Guns Yesterday and Today”

  1. Raven Says:

    Yeah, “gun control” that’s putting one hand over the other so your hand doesn’t shake, right? They need to work on NUT control! Owning a gun is my right as an american citizen, says so in the constitution, and I obey the laws, follow the rules and respect my firearms. Politicians and activists against guns need to work on ways to plug the holes that allow these fanatics to purchase guns. Lets weed these people out and get them help or at least remove them from society – leave my guns alone! I remember your marine corps t-shirt – “you can have my gun when you pry it from my dead, cold hands”!

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