Well I Guess I’m Disturbed

     No I know for sure I am disturbed.  I received a E-mail forwarded on my my oldest son yesterday.  It was a series of color photos taken of a large group of students at  a local high school, located in Montelbello, Ca..  In the pictures they were shown  attaching a Mexican flag to the pole on the front lawn of the school.  What is is even more disturbing is they then attached the American Flag upside-down below it and raised them to the top of the pole in front of a large cheering mob.

     Now what bothers me are these few thoughts.  Where were the adult teachers and administrators while this was going on?  Do they not know there are laws governing this type of action?  On American soil no flag is allowed to fly superior to the American Flag.  The American Flag does not fly upside-down in any instance other sever distress.  This was clearly not a act of freedom of speech but a act of civil disobedience and contempt.  Are the teachers so frightened of their students that they will allow them to act in such a manner?  Or did they agree with their feelings? 

     I bothers me greatly that our country has allowed the act of illegal immigration to get so far out of hand that we now can seemly not have any control over it.  How can our President stand on a platform with a leader of another nation and listen to them lambaste him and our country about the issue and demand, DEMAND, we grant their citizens entry and citizenship for illegal behavor. 

     I will not rehash the things I find distastefull about this whole illigal immigrant mess again, you can go back and read the earlier soap box tirades, I have not changed my mind any at all.

     On the news last night they were announcing that students at a local high school were being warned thy might need to be tested for TB, a problem we had eradicated long ago, because of possible exposure.  People entering the USA used to have to be tested before entry, now they are dragging all kinds of crap back.  We worry about bombs and sabotage.  What about this new threat.  You know healthy immigration is a good thing and I don’t blame people for wanting a better life, but do it with in our well  thought out structure.

     I have not been sheltered from immigrants.  I have known many and worked with quite a few.  One taught himself English by hanging with in his words Gringo’s and struggling to communicate with them.  One with in the last two years became a citizen learned English by watching Sesame Street.  There are countless others I know who have the green cards and contrubite like regular citizens who I respect greatly.  It is the ones who do not observe the rules that bother me.  I had a friend who drove a catering truck for years then graduated to the bigger roach wagon.  He told me of hiring women to work for him and overhearing them talk between stops.  One telling the other one where she could get fake ID and green cards and how to get food stamps and medical care.  I asked him why do you hire them ?  Because they work cheap was his reply.  You are part of the problem I told him and it cooled our relationship quite a bit.

     You know what I’m getting depressed just sitting here and thinking about it.  But back to the original first few lines.  The heading of the E-mail said here is a story you will not see in the New York or L.A. Times.  I thought yeah, you are right and no TV coverage either.  Then the second thought kicked in, I’m glad because that is what the stupid shits wanted was gratification and wide spread coverage of their shit.     Sweep the little bastards under the rug with the rest of the garbage and forget about them.  They are planning another huge illigal       immigration rally next month in LA and all across the country.  I say give them no coverage let their noise die no further than it can carry unassisted.   Let their demands fall on deaf ears and go about the business of straightening up this mess.  What part of illegal do you not understand?

Pissed off and tired and if I have offended you don’t come back.  I would like to cross my local intersection with out having to sit for fiveteen minutes listening to your crap blairing from your car speakers.



2 Responses to “Well I Guess I’m Disturbed”

  1. Raven Says:

    I just noticed you have about a year of blogging under your belt. Aren’t you glad you have a place to go and vent about all the crap rattling about in your head? And who cares if you PO someone – if they don’t like what you write they can change the channel!

  2. Judy Says:

    You go get em Papa and your right if they don’t like what you say the hell with them go somewhere else….

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