Magic Man???

     In the last chapter on my blog on rattlesnakes i mentioned my earlier interest in magic.  I always wanted to know magic was preformed so like anything else I bought many books on and studied the art of magic.  I reached a small degree of skill.  I would pull or preform small stunts for friends and family but never did anything of much account.  I always had a supply of pocket tricks on hand.  Several decks of trick cards were not to far away most of the time.  However I never praciced enough to be really good.  Then I got married at first I would do tricks for the boys aged seven and nine that came with my wife.  But they soon lost interest and so did I.   My daughter was born in 1971 and consumed my attention for the next sixteen years almost exclusively.

      When she got big enough to move around on her own she developed at game of  climbing into bed with my wife just before I would come in and cover up her head.  It was my duty to try to guess what kind of creature was hiding in my bed.  After she reached kindergarten age I started dusting off some of my trick and would entertain both her and her mother.  (My wife never could remember one trick from the next it was all magic to her).  These were just simple pocket tricks of the small kind, apiece of rope, a couple of coins or foam balls.  While I was on vacation one week my wife said “Why don’t you have Daddy come to school and do Show and Tell?”  Oh shit!     Well the next day a Thursday we three trooped to school to me the Kindergarten teacher.  My wife explained her idea, The kindly older lady’s eyes lite up and She said could I do both classes?  Then zoom she is gone, comes sailing back and says, “I’ve got the auditorum  tomorrow for a hour at 9:30, we have to be out by lunch time”    CRAP, all I have is several pack’s of trick cards and some rope and a few sponge balls.  We head home and I told my wife don’t bother me I”m gonna be busy all day trying to get my self ready for this mess you’ve got me into.  I found a plastic picture that was made to look like cut glass, I made a standing center leg table out of some scraps and painted it black.  I had some old velvet that I trimmed with red fringe from a old bed spread.  I cut and sawed nailed and painted all day into the night.  The magic table was still tacky the next morning but I used it any was.  I got to school and managed to get set up before the two classes of about sixty kinergartners were marched in and set if front of Roberto The Magnificent (magnificently scarred to death that was).

     With my wife and my daughters teacher sitting of to my left and the other teacher to my right and helper across the back I was introduced to the class as my daughter’s father who was going to do a magic show for them.  Sixty pairs excited, expectant little eyes shown back at me.  God I almost froze, but then I called my daughter up to help me with my first trick, I don’t even remember what it was but it was resounding success.  After that for forty-five minutes I just reeled them out always using as many of the kids as I could to help out.  But what was neat was I could hear the teacher asking my wife how did he do that? and her replying I don’t know I never saw that before.  There were a set of twin boy’s in the classes they kept separated ornery by reputation, son’s of a local police man.  The second to last trick I called one of them up.  I asked him if he had washed his hair the night before, no he shook his head.  I asked him if I could give him a milk shampoo?  Yes he nodded.  So picking up the plastic picture  I mentioned a while ago, I showed it to be full of milk.  then holding it high above the kids eye level I poured about half of it into a large paper cup.  Then setting the picture down I covered the mouth of the cup with a large card.  Then I quickly turned the cup upside down holding the card in place with my other hand.  I moved this all over the boys head and asked him if he was ready, yes he nodded grinning ear to ear, daring me to do with his eyes.  The class was going wild and the teacher looked worried.  The kids were yelling at me telling me his dad was a cop, and his twin yelling do it, do it.  I yanked the card away and a cup full of confetti poured over his head, the kids went wild. and once again I heard how did he do that and a I don’t know.  The last trick involved me showing a a large painted  coffee can inside a square box with holes in its side to be empty. after demonstrating they were both empty I reached inside and grabbed the corners of a large silk hankie and flinging a shower of wrapped candy into the air over the kids.  Needless to say the teachers did not like that as much as the kids did.  That pretty well broke up the show right on time after 50 minutes.  I was one relived puppy and my daughter was immensely popular for a while.

     Some other time will relate my Civil War experience with my grandson’s second grade class and where that led.

     Well I always wanted to be a successful at magic, now I am when ever I am around some pretty, young women it seems like I just disappear they don’t see me at all.

      Talking about disappearing, I’m gone!



2 Responses to “Magic Man???”

  1. Steve Says:

    Very good,excellent!

  2. Raven Says:

    I actually have fond memories of the magic tricks. I know I was young but I remember a birthday party we had at the house where you performed tricks, I think I had my Dorothy Hamill bob at the time, and there was one that involved a rope around a girls waist that looked like it would pull tight and cut through her, but (I think) just came apart, not hurting her? Might be remembering that wrong, but I remember your magic always being a hit 🙂

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