This & That & Nuttin Much

     This is one of those days when nuttin much comes to mind.  I am amazed that I seem to have a steady seven hits a day even when I do not write anything.  I always look to see what search themes people use to stumble on my site.  Like I have mentioned before seems like every day I get at least a few hits about snakes.  A couple days ago some one was looking for information on the number of bones in a Copperhead Snake.  In all my books and readings I have never found any information on the number of vertebrae in a snakes skeleton .  I have found that a number of snakes have the ability to spread their vertebrae to allow them to swallow  larger prey or to seemly flatten their heads or necks, but never the number of segments in their skeletons.

     I earlier mentioned that for a number of years I tried to be a catholic.  In that time I visited a number of different churches and chapels.  I loved to spend some time admiring the architecture in particular the rafters and truess that supported the roof.  The beauty of the construction still amazes me today.  I have studied the same construction in warehouses of buildings built in the forties and thirties.  The buildings I spent my forty three years working were marvels in construction.  Bridges also have always fascinated me.  they way that arches and trusses support them are true works of art.

     I also like to watch the construction of these giants on the history channel and see how seemly imposable odds were over come.  Some times  a impossible task is preformed by something you wonder how did they think of that.  There is a bridge over a wide cannon up by Lake Cachuma that has a truly wide span of over a half mile.  A cable needed to be stretched across to begin construction.  Various means were concieved and discarded.  Then someone got the idea to fly a kite across with a stout line attached.  after flying across the span the kite was allowed to fall to the ground.  The line was retrieved and a larger line pulled across , then a more substantial line until finally the large cable spanned the gorge.  Later on as the bridge took shape the painters began to paint the bridge.  One became involved in a bar fight, the next day the sheriffs dept. came to arrest hm at the site.  He had lowered his self in his bucket with his supplies and lunch.  He refused to come up until the end of his shift which he stretched out to several hours overtime.  The deputy had to wait all day to make his arrest.

     Like I said I have no direction for this chapter so am just rambling.  We have many bridges here in Southern California.  But they mostly span other roads and such.  In the area of Missouri where I was born our bridges were either over railroad track or rivers.  There are a lot of good sized rivers back there.  And there are a lot of bridges over them from old wooden to steel structures.  and there were a few places where you had to ford a stream.  Often at these places people would stop there car in the stream and wash it there.  In my day there were no car washes like we have here in Ca.  Often in the summer people would go to the streams and rivers for picnics and swim parties.  My wife and I went back to my home town in the early ninties.  We were following the road out to a early Civil War battle field.  As we drove down the narrow dirt road we had to stop at a small concrete  over pass and wait for two men to move their pick up off to let us pass.  they were fishing next to the stopped truck in the small muddy stream.  I have seen men in boats climb out of the boat to lift the barbed wire fence strung across a stream by a farmer to keep his cows from straying, then climb back in and go on down stream.  You can own the land on both sides of a river but not the river.

     Well my old eyes are getting strained, I was spending money on E-bay before I started this ramble, so I’ll close now so long ramblingbob

One Response to “This & That & Nuttin Much”

  1. Raven Says:

    Like I said – you can ramble like the best with nuttin much to say 😉

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