Nobodys business but my own!!

     I am not a sports fan, and do not follow the news much.  But I did happen to catch a part of the super bowl.  No in any interest of the game which I barely understand.  But in hopes of seeing some of the much touted comericals.  I must have been in the bath room or something because I saw nothing of great interest to me.  But here again I wander from the intent of this chapter.  I heard that one player had to get special permission to travel to the game, because of a firearms possession.  Now I do not know the facts surrounding the case.  but what stands out was a couple of news commentators comments.  Five-hundred-fifty rounds of ammunition was found in his home.  “What was he doing with five-hundred-fifty rounds of ammo?” 

      Like I stated I do not know what the deal was surrounding him and the firearm.  But what business is it of a news caster or the general public how many rounds anyone has as long as they are not engaged in unlawful activities?  I am a shooter, some what restricted now days by the gun hateing people elected to public office in Calif. who have made it almost impossible to find a place to leagly shoot.  There are many law abiding recreational shooters who are suffering at the hands of fervent anti-gun members in public office. Most recently the nearest range up against the foot hills of the San Gaberal mountains was shut down by the city council of Durate after 45 years of accident free service, there by depriving a huge segment of the shooting public a place for recreation.

     I have been a shooter since the age of nine.  I have locked in my gun safe my fathers old .22 cal rifle with which I learned to shoot.  I served in the United Stated Marine Corps with honor and have never fired a shot at a living person.  I taught all three of my children how to shoot and respect a firearm and handle them safely.  Most of my adult friends have been recreational shooters.  Not a one, a member of a gang or with a criminal record or firearm accidents.  I have participated in Fur Trade Rendezvouse,  Civil War reenacting and Cow Boy Action Shooting.  All three activities have a large membership and are very safe activities.

     I have a large three-eights cold steel formed gun safe, six feet tall by four wide and two deep which weights eight-hundred-fifty pounds.  The door alone weighs two-hundred-fifty pounds.  In it resides my gun collection, my ammo stores and the medications my wife and I need for maintenance along with her jewelry and personal papers.  Due to the society we live in I cannot display my collection of 1840 muzzle loaders, nor the civil war collection and the cow boy toys I prize.  At one time I had a collection of thirty-three guns stored in there.  Now my son, grandson and daughter has taken possession of some of them.  How ever I still have enough to seem crowded.

     I reload for my hand guns.  And when I reload I reload in bulk.  Therefore,, if I was ever raided on some dumb pretext, I can just see some smug blond bimbo looking into the camera saying “What did he need 650 rounds of ammo for?”  Well for starters if I went to a Cow Boy Action Shoot and entered a ten stage competition I would need the following.  Each stage would require two revolvers each loaded with five rounds, a rifle loaded with ten rounds, since my rifle and pistols use the same cartridge that is a total of twenty per stage.  Ten stages equals     two-hundred rounds of ammo.  If I should chose to enter in some side shoots that could easily require a additional fifty at least.  Then addition each stage would require a shotgun using up to four to eight shells multiplied by the ten stages.  There might even be the opportunity to enter a long range rifle competition on occasion requiring additional ammo.  This would be over a two day period usually.  Then there are the practice sessions required to keep in competitive shape between meets.  So if I have six hundred to a thousand rounds of ammo safely and legally locked away it is not any of your business miss blond bimbo.  And this is only to feed two pistols and a rifle who knows what else I might need as long as I am responsible and safe and legal.

     You know I am beginnng to be the soap box manafactures best coustmer.  I am going to crawl off before I fall and break something. 

     Adios from a from a rootintootin six gun shooting broken down old cow hand ramblingbob 


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