Punks on Wheels!!

     What else can you call them?        Maybe the majority of kids on skateboards are good kids.  But! and its a big but, many are not.  This evening my wife and I went to our sons house to fix a ham dinner with all the fixin’s.  It was necessary for us to run to the store to pick up a couple of forgotten articles as always.  After parting the car we proceeded across the parking lot and started across the side walk into the store entrance.  Two older women had just crossed along with a young mother with a baby in a stroller.  As we moved on three young PUNKS came whizzing up, one crossed just in front of us, the second tried to cut in front of us at the door and nearly ran over my sons toes as he was slightly in front of me.  My son threw up his hand as a sield causing the kid to veer into a coke machine.  The kid had the audacity to challenge my forty-five year old, 220# son.  with why did you not stop and let me by?  There were signs posted all over the place prohibiting skateboarding  on the property with the ordance number.  I had to almost restrain my son it is so madding to have to put up with these kids.   Have their parents never bothered to teach them responsibility?  I currently know I did and my son remembers it also.   These kids put infirm and elderly people at risk every day, let alone mothers with young children.

     It is a constant battle in the neighborhood where I live.  For years there has always been one group after another show up on our corner.   There is a street light and our Maple tree in the front yary shades the corner in the summer time.  They show up in groups as high as ten.  None of them live near here it is a fight to drive them off.  The police respond with kids have the right to play, and the side walk in public property.  I finally have resorted to waiting untill after ten at night and loggiing a disturbance of peace complaint.  They used to be a gang that hung across the ally they  greased my curb across the ally from their place to slide their damn boards.  I had to call the city out to steam clean the curb.  They think they are untouchable.  And their parents do not care as long as they are not messing up at home.

      Just this past week there was a report in the local paper about a Church in Long Beach just a few cities away.  The skateboarders was chipping up the steps or the church and scaring the railings of the steps and slathering grease on them for their boards.  After the Priest tried to put a stop to it a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was beheaded, then knocked of a four foot pedestal.   A second statue of Mary with a crucified Jesus was chipped up with the boards.  A seventy-five year old Nun was verbally abused and her camera taken when she tried to take their pictures.  There again where are the parents of these delinquents?  and why can’t the police do anything????

     On Halloween night three girls were attacked by a large group of children of a different color, and all seriously injured.  This has become a three ring circus in the court system.  And the parents of the attackers all crying, my child would not do something like that.  They are good students and athletes, and I know they would not do something like that.  The witness to the attack and the man that went to the rescue of the victims was of the same ethnic group as the attackers  They have been vilified as traitors to their kind.  I call them hero’s all.  But where was these good parents when this went down??  The victims were in their own neighbor hood the attackers were not.  Also the parents claim, not being there that the victims used a racial slur there by justifying the vicious beating.  One girl was beaten unconscious  and has serious injury’s to the eye socket  and scull fractures, and may not regain all the sight one eye.  Good LORD isn’t anyone accountable for these kids?  Shouldn’t parents be penalised for their minors infractions?

     You know I’m too PO’d to continue on so I’ll stow my soapbox for the night.  ramblingbob

One Response to “Punks on Wheels!!”

  1. Steve Says:

    They are indeed untouchable, there is nothing you can do to disipline children. Lord help the future!!!

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