Sisters, I’ve got three

    Yup, I’ve got three of the things,  The first appeared when I was nine,  She was three.  No long term pregnancy here, She just showed up one day.  My Dad actually remarried about nine months after my mother died.  He started dating my stepmother not to very long after my Mom’s death.  This is what caused the separation from my maternal grand  mother and the rest of my mothers family they thought it was too soon for him to have a relationship and the ill feelings this generated  caused the split.  Dad finally told me this lady had a daughter and we were going to meet her.  This little girl was staying with her grandparents at Noel, Mo. fifty-three miles away.  Now in those days a trip of fifty-three miles was a day long undertaking.  On the way down( for this was a trip south therefore down) I sat in the middle between the two adults.  I annoucned that I knew a Joke.  My Uncle that I lived with often caused me trouble like this.       When encouraged to tell it, I did so with out thought of unappropriate behavior.  There was a Black Man fishing on the bank of the river.  He dozed off and while asleep a black snake crawled up his pants leg.  On reaching the crotch of his pants in sought escape.  Finding a gap in the fly of the overalls it started out.  The movement caused the man to wake up.  looking down he saw the snake had emerged about six inches and said I knew you was black but I didn’t know you had such pretty eyes.  My Dad was embarrased and needless to say I recived a lesson in what is proper and what is not in the company of females.  Fifty-eight years later I still remember my first attempt to be a comedian.  We finally reach the farm where my som to be grandparents lived it was a real old farm without electricty, water from a pump.  And of course the ever present outhouse, this one without a door just a couple of board you could prop in place if you needed privacy.  They lived on two-hundred-forty acers.  Anyway back to the girl, when we entered the house Dad stood behind my soon to be Mom and I stood behind Dad peering around his leg trying not to be seen.  My almost new sister sure looked little to me.  She was living in a house with both grandparents and a fourteen year Aunt.  Needless to say She being the only grandchild, except for a cousin in California,  was extremely spoiled.  I saw her maybe three or four times then was told that my dad was going to marry her mother, which happned on Dec. 31, 1947.  My father and new step-mother lived in a second floor appt. just down the ally from the uncle I was living with untill the end of the school year.  Then my new sister and I and our partents moved into a small house on the other side of town and started trying to become a family.

     It was a hard adjustment for me to try to make.  I had not had much time with my father for the several years before my mothers death and after she died I was shuffled around to other realitives for most of a year.  So I was jealious of the time I had with him and some what inserure.  suddenly I had to share him with a new wife and a little girl.  My step-mother was only fourteen years older than I and had no experence rasing a young son.  She also had spent several years seperated from her daughter most of the time.  Now here I will probably hurt my sisters feelings, but I never felt any real love from my step-mother and always felt like the step-son.  It was not untill years after I left home for the Matiines that I felt accepted by her. 

     One thing that really hurt was at eight years old the doctor said I  need to have my thonsils removed.  I was promised all the ice cream I could eat after the operation.  Icecream was a real treat in those days, so I was eager for the operation.  I can still remember the sensation of going under the eather that they used to put me to sleep.  For years I would smell that crap when I got sick and ran a fever.  When I awoke after the opperation I was confused and in pain, and asked my Dad why my pepe hurt more than my throat?  No one had mentioned circumcisum before hand.  My dad told me because I had been a brave boy my allowance would be raised from twenty-five cents to a half a dollar.  I was happy and thought that was a good trade.  Well after I got my new sister I was told that he could no longer afford the fifty cents a week I would have to share it with her.  So I reduced back to twenty-five cents, I felt I had been robbed I had earned my allowance and she had done nothing.  but hardest of all was there seemed to be less time for me now than before.  My step-mother had no consept of rasing a boy, my sister was three and had to take a nap in the afternoons ,I was nine and was forced to do so also.  This lasted untill I was twellve.  But worse of all in a attempt to be fair I was not allowed to do anything she could not do either.  And this lasted untill I entered the Marines.  I attended no school functions except for one High School Play and one basketball game as a required function as a ROTC door guard.  Yes it was unfair and I was resentfull and angry at my father for allowing her to do this to me.  I was seriously awkward in social gatherings with my peers for years after.  And even to this day try to shun crowds when I can.  Even with all this behind me I do not feel resentment to my sister it was not her fault and I think as she got older she could see a lot of this.  As adults I feel we had a good brother sister relationship.

     My second sister was born when I was twelve years old and I did a lot of watching her and was close to her.  she was my dads little girl an his close companion at all times.

     Number three came along when I was fourteen and  by this time I had a lot of babysitting under my skinny belt.  She was the girls girl.  always wrapping herself up in gauzy material and playing dress up.  She had all the Barbie junk you could think of.  This was after we moved to California and became more affluent. 

     Things be came more settled and smooth after I left for the Marines.  There always seemed to be a tension in the air and I think it was between my parents over me.

     The last two weeks before leaving for boot camp, I sat on the  couch and snuggled my five and three year old sisters next to me.  They could not understand               but I was already starting to miss them.  They were the only true feelings of separationI felt in boot camp  They had been under my wing from birth and I missed them terribly.  My family came to see me twice in boot camp the first time at the rifle range at Camp Matthews now closed and built over with housing trac’s at Lahoya, Ca..  When I was released to go for the visit I had a hard time holding back my tears when I saw those two little girls.  My family bought a dinner with them, they had made pinto beans and chocolate cake.  I did not have the heart to tell them they fed us beans at least every other day.  It was the thought that counts. 

     My oldest sister married and had two boys and devorsed soon after the birth of her second.  She later remarried and moved to North Carolina, and now lives in West Virgina.

     The second sister married a CB, who served in Viet Nam.  they adopated a little boy and then moved to Pennsylvania. Where they have a house and office cleaning business.

     Number three is on her third marriage has two daughters and lives in Florida.  None of the family ever hears from her so we really know anything about her any more.  

     All these neices and nephews except one are married and most have children.  I keep in touch with sisters one and two by E-mail.  As the rambling road of life winds down the likely hood of us ever seeing each other is getting slimmer and slimmer.  But at least      we know each others aches and pains as old age creeps up on us all.

          Thats all for now folks,  ramblingbob   


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