Woah! just a short entry on Snakes

     Like I mentioned before I get so many hits on my writings about snakes it amazesme.  What intrigues. me is the questions people ask the search engen t get here.  Often I just get to see a partial question they have used,  The one tonight was biography of Cotton Mouths.  Yesterday Black snake with yellow stripe on head.  I wish these inquirers would leave a message in the comment section so I could know what they are really looking for and share their experences.  One was Brown Snake in garage.  I sit here at home and prosue my feild guides and maps when I can’t get out and would love to know what others with like interest are doing.

     Just watched a show on the National Geographial channel last night about United States deadliest.  It included our five poisonous  reptiles.  The Rattlers, Cotton Mouth, Copperhead and Coral Snakes and the Gilla Monster.  Of course the Gila Monster is a sluggish fat lizard but poisonous if provoked  into biting.

     The Cotton Mouth they showed was a big fellow.  I have never seen one that large, it was probably thirty-six inches long but fat as a big mans arm.  It was stated that it is an aggressive creature and would make a bluff charge and stop at the last instant and would turn away.  I never saw one charge but cerently would not to rely on it stopping if one came at me.  I have been asked if they can bite in the water, yes and under the water.  It’s fangs lie flat in the roof of the mouth until it opens it’s jaws to strike then they drop down into position,  I do not remember if I ever stated it but the three large pit vipers all have the same characteristic with their fangs.  Fear of the Cottom mouth is great in the areas it exists in.  I remember when I was a young boy in Missouri a news story about a group of people in a boat in Arkansas that panicked when a Cotton Mouth climbed into the boat.  In the panic everyone tried to get away from where the snake was climbing in and tipped the boat over and most of them drowned but no one was bitten.

      The program also featured a East Coast Rattle snake and showed it to be the largest of the rattlers.  What was new to me was that it could swim as far as seventy-five miles to some of the islands off the coast.

     I am eagerly awaiting a book devoted to Rattle Snakes that had very good reviews.  This was purchased off Amazon.com with gift certificates  for Christmas.  My Grandson will be inducted into Marine Corps boot camp n July.  He has already been sworn in so he is committed.  I will be having breakfast with him on Wed. morning.  While yanking his leg about the terrors of boot camp I will be cautioning him about the large snake population on Camp Pendelton.  there is a lot of wild life to be found there in the remote areas, and the snakes are every where.  On the rifle ranges the line officers were all the time yelling above the gunfire, shoot at the @#$%#**&# target not the snakes.  Every once and a while you would see dust sprouting   half way down the range.  I suppose if he gets posted to Iraq I’ll ber ordering the book i saw the other day titled The Snakes of Iraq.

    Well I have rattled of enough usless nonsense  for the night so solong from ramblingbob


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