Me and my girls!

     Me and my girls, my daughter left home at eighteen and has been self supporting since, so that leaves me with my wife’s two femalecats.  These two little gals take up the slack my daughter left behind.  Cheyenne is a Maine Coon,what my wife calls a mocha in color but to me is grey with a white collar around her neck and the lower half of her face and a inverted widows peak above her eyes.  Her feet are white with stockings up the front legs and most of the back white.  Her belly is snow white and she has the distincive light rings on her bushy tail and the tuffs of hair on her feet.  Cheyenne is a intelligent cat that will associate with the two of us only, she hides when anyone else comes around.  And of course during shedding season she leaves a trail of hair all over the place.  She was the first and has been spoiled to a fault, she refused to eat the standard canned cat food, which smells to high hell and was picky about dry food.  Accidentlaily found she would eat canned Albacore Tunna in spring water,  a mistake on our part as this is all she will eat now with side dishes of three different  dry foods.  If Costco ever quits carrying the I don’t know what we will do.  But this little girl has given me a lot of entertainment  and joy.

     Now we have the baby I wrote about a couple of months ago.  Rotten little shit that she is, she torments the older girl to near distraction.  Cheyenne was used to being the only one here before and resents the intruder greatly.  We tried to keep the kitten on kitten food, ha.  My wife made the mistake of giving  Dakota a taste of tuna.  Now we are going through two can day, with no end in sight.  Dakota is nearing four months old and we take both of them in for booster shots the Friday after Christmas.  The baby has already cost us over $250 in shots and vet check ups already.  Dakota is a glossy black little bundle of fire she is already getting long and rangy.  She looks like the large glass Black Panther my Dad used to have on top of the TV.  She simply will not leave Cheyenne alone she chases after her and will jump on her back.  Cheyenne growls at her and will knock the heck out of her and she just comes back for more.  Dakota is not as smart as Cheyenne was at that age but still she does not miss much.  It has amazed me as how smart these little animals are.  A while ago all was peacefull, Cheyenne was asleep in the basket near my PC and Dakota sleeping in the bed near my wife on her own PC.  Now the  little shit is climbing all over the back of my chair and taking swipes at my back.  Cheyenne is in hiding some where from the terror.  And my wife is angrly   giving her computer vocal hell because the game she is playing is not responding right.  Ah the joys of peacfull home life. 

     Cheyenne is like the five hundred pound gorilla she sleeps where she likes.  Often she will sleep in my room on top of the covers next to my feet or she will climb in next to me about hip level.  I often jet up during the night as I am a diabetic and she does not like that.  The baby sleeps with my wife right up against her all night long.  They go to bed late and sleep late and the baby does not get up until my wife does.  I might add here as a explanaation my wife and I have separate  bedrooms as we both get up so often during the night we would keep each other awake and she keeps the TV on all night and I cant sleep with that.

     Anyway that is my three gals for the present.  And they keep my occupied and busy.

     My other gals now lives in Seattle Washington.  She was my constant companion until sixteen and her first car.  Her mother was ill most of her young life and I took her every where,school, dance and gym classes and softball.  I worked a graveyard shift from her second grade to her sophomore year in high school so I could take her  to Christan School each day  so we formed a very tight bond as we were together constantly.  She was shooting with me before nine and got her a black powder for her 9th Christmas.  She Rendezvoused with me in primitive camps and wore her buck skin dress I made for her, she looked like the Indian she is desendiant from with her long raven hair.  She as a trooper.  She just weathered the big storm they had up in Seattle, rain and high winds.  Trees down all over the place and no power for a number of days.  She was one of the fully prepared ones.  She had stock piled batteries and lights.  Her foos supplies were geared to emergency situations, some food in the frig had to be disposed of but she was Ok on hard rations.  And she keeps plenty of bottled water on hand as her old man does.  Plenty of food for her three cats and two dogs.  Now we have been exchanging E-mail and phone calls as to what type of generator she needs for a next time.  She is a self sufficient  gal of thirty-five who can stand on her own.  Oh yes like her old man she has a personal arseneal that she is fully trained to use to protect herself and possessions.  Do I sound like a proud papa?  I should because I am. 

     Well if you stumbled in on this site and stuck it out to the end thanks for the visit and welcome back any time.


2 Responses to “Me and my girls!”

  1. Raven Says:

    Hi Dad – glad to hear your fuzzy brats are keeping you on your toes! You know you love’em, even though they make you crazy 🙂

    As for being prepared, I owe all of that to you! You instilled the sense of “always being prepared” in me and so we had a nice stock of essentials – batteries, flashlights, lanterns, candles, logs – and were able to weather the storm quite well. With our woodburning fireplace we were able to keep warm and heat up soup, and I also purchased a single burner butane stove and percolating camp coffee pot (thanks for the instructions on how to use the percolator – I would never have figured out how to use the funky thing!). I’m sure you guessed that coffee is one of the most important things up here in Seattle. When the power went out so did the lights in most of the local caffeine addicts eyes. Growing up and camping, learning how to survive without power or other people and/or the government, really made an impact and I’m lucky to have the experience. I know that in a really BIG disaster you will only have yourself and those close to you to help survive – you can’t depend on anyone else, like the government, city power or water, or anything else, because you can’t predict the devistation and aftermath. Because of you, I’m very prepared! We learned up here that having a generator is great, but all the gas stations were also closed due to no power, so how do you get gas if you don’t have it stocked at home for a rainy day? Of course now they are talking about requiring gas stations to have standby generators so folks can get gas for cars and generators, but who knows how long before they implement that requirement. During this last storm while we were out looking for backup supplies (for our backup supplies haha) we saw no D batteries, no fire logs, flashlights were sold out and people were grabbing whatever sundries they could. We had enough stuff here that we could go at least a week without power and longer still if we started to conserve. Now of course we want a generator – the wood stove and lanterns were too much like “roughing it” for Lisa – and I’m starting to see folks list them in the classifieds. Seems like people bought a generator for THIS storm and now want to sell it. Why not keep it?? Ah, it’s the holidays and perhaps people need the money back, but I’m looking for a “bought last week, still have receipt and box” bargain, with probably less than 40 hours on it! Anyway – I would not have been this prepared had you not passed down your experience, training and knowledge. We weathered this storm well and will surely be prepared for the next one, as we’re already pretty well stocked again. Lisa caught the bug and now has a small emergency kit in her car with emergency blankets and ponchos, change of clothes, flashlights, matches, lighter, food, water, first aid and an emergency auto kit. I’ve had a larger one in my SUV and am good about checking expiration dates on batts, rations, etc. See? I was paying attention most of the time! I told Lisa that if she thought having the power out was “roughing it” she should try a week in a teepee with campfire food, a running river for an icebox and a stinky old out house – at least we had running water and could sleep in a real bed here! Ah well, I am thankful to have been raised by a retired marine and avid reader who passed on excellent survival skills. I should also be thankful that I haven’t had to use most of them (but I’m ready if we ever get into a state of martial law – watch out Seattle!!). Thanks again, for everything!

    Love your (finally) warm and cozy daughter 🙂

  2. ramblingbob Says:

    Now folks if you read this far, you will know why I am so proud of my human gal. Like she said look out seattle. Did i mention she also at one time loved fanatisy novels so one yeay for Christmas i made her a huge battle axe it would take a vickin to swing? She still has it I believe, Lord if she ever used it on someone she would split them in half. ha ramblingbob

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