?????This old dude has run dry???????

     Believe it or not this old man has dry, or so it seems.  I know I have not tapped these late sixty years of recolations completely, but nuttin seems to want to pop out.  One thing that might be effecting the process is I am used to running my wife to the doctors office quite often.  But lately it has been me with the heavy load of white jackets under my belt.  I have been running two to three times a week the last couple of months.  Had Laser surgery this Monday past on my right eye, something I have been holding back on, for no good excuse.  Off to visit the Cardiologist on Thursday afternoon for a ultrasound on the old rustyticker.  Back to see the same dr. on the eighteenth for a nuclear stimulated treadmill, as I can not do the regular one due to my bad feet.  Still trying to find out what is wrong with my left leg and hip, X-ray came out clean.  And oh yeah the Colonostipy came out clear.  I’m in awfully good shape for the shape I’m in.  Beginning to think I might be a hyprocondiac except for the very real pain I experence.  I have excellent Doctors and very good pain meds but they do not really cut the pain anymore.  So I kinda feel like maybe my brain is just frozen in space at the moment.

     Well if you have followed me in the past you know of my varied intERESTS.  Did I ever mention TRAINS?  Oh yes trains twixt my wife and I we have a few.  I had a Lionel set when I was about three of four.  1940 or so.  It was in excelent condition, I had to sell it when we moved to Calif. in 55.  Broke my heart a Uncle bought it for $20   it would be worth $1,500 or more today.  Anyway we have two O gauge locomotives with cars and tracks, Two HO gauge sets, and the large garden set, all steam locomotives.  As A child the steam trains ruled the tracks.  Then came the modern DIESEL motors, they do not have the romance of steam.  If we eVer get to  move to a safer area It is my hope to put up a garden railway in my back yard.  In this coming year I will purchase a Rocky Mountain Express with the large cinder breaking bell stack it comes with a set of     Elk Antlers on the front of the motor above the light.  Which brings me to e-bay, I have blown my last two months allowence on accesories for the non exestent set.  Rodeo Cowboys, Horse herds, and Longhorn Cattle, oh yeah lets not forget the topless Indian maiden, She has a head, just no clothing on top.  I plan to place her at a small stream with two trappers snaking a peak at her while a couple of Indian braves steal their horses and plunder.  Ah, the big dreams of a small idle mind. 

      Anyway Thats about all this weakned mind can find to ramble about this time.  ramblingbob


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