Questions about snakes

     Here are some of the questions people have used that led them to my site.  I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.  The questions you use in your searches are so brief when I get them I do not have much to work on.  If you ask a more detailed question on the comment box, which I always read I can perhaps answer more fully.

     Q: Small brown snake in garage in Calif?  Lord this is a hard one there are so many brown snakes in Cal. I don’t have any thing to work with here.  All snakes start out small, most 8 to 10 inches at birth.  some are hatched from egg’s and some live births.  allmost all are born in late summer.  If you got a good enough look at your visitor as to the shape of its head or was the tail more blunt or pointed?  Most likely your friend was harmless as you probably would have noticed a rattle on the tail.  In Califorina the only poisonious snake is the rattler.  If you had stated some of the markings or pattern it would have helped.

     Q:How long snakes in Missouri,  The longest recorded was a black snake in excess of 100 inches, the adverage black snake is 72 inches.  You are rich in snake population in Missouri. there are three Vipers, Rattlers of several varieties, Copperhead and the Cotton Mouths.  You have countless harmless snakes and a really rich variety of colorations.  From browns, greens, and my favorites the colorful red, yellow and black Milk Snakes.

     Q: Palm Springs white stripe black snake.  This most likely a member of the racer family.  Long and narrow, head the same size as the neck.  These guys are very fast movers.

     Q: from a few weeks ago, something about fangs.  The fangs of the Vipers all fold flat along the upper jaw, dropping into position when the mouth is opened.  They are hollow and venom is expeled on the first strike.  Snakes do not have a endless supply of their deadly concotion.  Like a hyprodermic neddle upon striking pouches of venom are squezed by muscles on contact.  Most of the venom is discharged on the first strike.  It takes time to produce venom.  There are two basic types of venom one works on the muscular system and the other is designed to react on the victums blood.  The blood based  is the most deadly.  And all three  North American vipers are of the last type.

     I appoligise for not jotting down the earlier questions so I could answer them here.  I get so many hits on the snakes, I really enjoy your cursosity. 

     Untill later.  And remember These little guys were not put on earth to harm you, and in acutality are more afraid of you than we are of them.  the only way they will hurt you is if you crow them too much or do something stupid that makes you hurt yourself.  A little two foot long snake can not swollow you and he can’t bite of small peices at a time.  Hell he can’t even chew they do not have molars. 

     Be safe ramblingbob


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  1. Steve Says:

    A short while before we sold our house in Canyon Country Regina was standing at the sink doing dishes when she yells at me look at this snake,we always had rattlers in our yard since our house was the last one before you went into the hills, I got there just in time to see the tail end of this snake I would of sworn was a Python if it wasn’t for its color. This snake had to be 8 to 10 inches in diameter, not to long after that we started finding all these baby snakes,so I guess that “Python” was just a pregnant rattlesnake.

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