Nuttin Much just rambling

     Tain’t nutin I need to say so just rambling (I’m getting good at that).  Well went back to the Dr. last Thursday for results on some test.  Good news for me, My Liver came up clean, a real relief for my wife and myself.  The Dr. confided in me that he was secretly concerned about cancer, so were we although neither one of us said it out loud.  So what is causing the exhaustion I feel all the time and the reason I am not sleeping like I used to?  Next stop after the Colonostopy, a Cardiologist.   But for now at least a sigh of relief on the liver thing.

     My daughter up in Seattle sent me a gift certificatefor Barnes & Nobles for my birthday last month.  I went on line and ordered three new reptile field guides.  One by the Audubon Society and two Peterson Field Guides.  I love the Audubon book as it is composed of Photographs in color while the Peterson books are Paintings.  But the Peterson has better area maps in the back.  All three are excellent handbooks.  The reason for the two Peterson books is one is for the eastern          area of north America and the second is western.  Something I forgot while perusing them last night.  I was looking up Copperhead snakes in the Audubon book and then trying to cross reference it with the western Peterson guide I simply could not find the Copperhead in Peterson.  Finally It dawned on me Copperheads are found only in the eastern states.  after switching books quickly found what i needed.

     Was also greatly surprised to find there are Whip-snakes in the western states.  I always thought they were confined to the Midwest states.  Although the western snakes look to be thicker bodied.  The area I live in has become so heavily populated that wild life of any kind has been eliminated entirely.  We used to find a occasional snake in the neighborhood, but no more.  Even Lizard have disappeared from the yard.  We are almost solid housing tracts from Los Angeles to San Deigo.  There is a lot of wilderness areas with in driving distance but anywhere near the roads are over run with people that finding a snake or anything for that matter is almost imposable.  I yearn for the days when I was younger when you could find relative untrammeled areas to explore.  It is useless to even have a four wheel vehicle because anywhere you go you run in to some fool screwing things up.  Up in the back roads of the Big bear area in the mountains we encountered a damn fool in a four wheel truck who had found a muddy wet spot in the road he was flying back and forth through the mud making it fly all over and wearing a huge hole in the damn road.  My son and I stopped and parked in the middle of his play area got out and read him the riot act.  When he got belligerent   we photographed him and his vehicle and license plate and threatened to turn them at the Rangers Station.  He was not happy as he and his gang left the area.  They might have been a little more aggressive except we were both wearing our Colt Automatic Pistols on our belts.  I might add I’m Six foot and weigh around two thirty and do not look like I’m as sick as I am, while my son is five eleven and about a solid two twenty, and neither of us look like a push over.  I can not abide jackasses and neither can my son.  These clowns had litterly ruined that stretch of road and they seldom get graded that far in. 

     Anyway I don’t suppose I’ll get to use my guides for much more than reading for pleasure and stuffing my poor congested head with more facts I have no real use for.  But this has been a life long interest.  In Missouri as a kid I had a friend named David Cash who has a large collection of snakes preserved in jars he was the kid who make telescopes out of magnifying glasses and cardboard tubes.  I often wonder what became of him because we moved to Cal. in my sixteenth year. 

     Well I’ve rambled enough to night so Adios Amigos ramblingbob 

One Response to “Nuttin Much just rambling”

  1. Raven Says:

    Snakes up close and personal freak me out – but behind glass, or especially in a book, I’m fascinated by them too. I am my father’s daughter!

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