November 10th & 11th

If you have read some of my previous submissions you know I am a former United States Marine and proud of it.  If you do not want to read more of my reminiscent about the Marines then just scroll on by this one.

     On November 10, 1775 Captain Samuel Goodwin sat at a table in Tunn’sTavern in Philadelphia and began requiting for the newly formed United States Marine Corps.  The Marine Corps was not a new concept they were already in effect in the British Navy and some form of Marine served in most early navies of history.  The Marine was not a ordinary seaman who sailed the ship or worked the sails but a fighting man who was a seaborne warrior.  This is not to say he lounged around and did nothing in times of peace.  He had duties at all times that included guard duty and cleanup duties that included swabbing decks with the sailors..  But in combat they had stations as fighting men.   They served as marksmen in the rigging and as cannon crews.  To this day the officers of the Marines Corps have a braid on the tops of their caps and hats denoting their ranks a single braid for lieutenants , double for captains and so on up the ranks.  This allowed the Marines in the rigging to identify the officers on the decks quickly.  At this time fighting often entailed sword work and the Marines had a leather collar on their uniform to protect the neck.  This in in-turn led the sailors to start calling them leathernecks, and to today the term sticks.  The first amphibious landing on foreign soil was in the Bahamas in 1876.  And lieutenant Presley O’Bannin led a contingent of Marines across the desert       to Capture Tripoli in I forget the exact date and raised the American flag over  foreign soil for the first time, unknowingly after America had reached a agreement with the Pirates who were capturing American shipping and holding American Seamen for ransom.

    I served my time in days of peace.  But I was a volunteer Marine trained and ready t do what ever was asked of me so am not ashamed of my peaceful duty.  I had a Uncle who was wounded and received a Purple Heart on Iwo Jima in WWII Family history has one at Bellows Woods in WWI, Where we got the name Duffel Hunden (devil dogs) from the German Army.  Two Marines with the family name are buried in the Springfield Missouri National Cementary, from Korea.  WE lost some in Viet Nam.  And my wife has a Neice whos husband was a combat Marine in that mess.  I fly my American Flag every day and just below it is my slightly smaller Marine Corps flag.  As I have said before I only see Marines do this.

     Tomorrow is Veterans Day,  I will fly my flags with pride once again.  Also tomorrow I will put out my display do the smaller flags for the Marines, Navy, Air Force and Army along with the black POW/MIA flag.  If I could find a small Coast Guard flag I would add it to the group.  I hang them from a horizontal rod I have made with two arrow pointed finals on each end Hung from a gold cord with gold tassels.  My fathers and mothers family history shows participation in the defense of America starting in 1792 on to to day.  We were in the 1812 war wit Brittan,  Both sides of the Civil War,  1897 Spanish American War.  We had old hand China Marines, Marines at Bellows Woods. Uncles in the Army (2), Navy, and  Marines in WWII. Several in the Marines and Army in Korea.  I did my stretch in the mid- fifty’s.  We lost some in Viet Nam and had the one in  the Marines just mentioned in the earlier paragraph and Charlie I talked about in a early blog we just buried a few week ago he was in the Navy in Saigon during the Tet offensive.  He was a mechanic on the Swift Boats.  We have a Army veteran who served on the swift boats.  Non of which claim to have known that Jack-Ass John Kerry whose foot fits so perfectly into his mouth.  WE had people much younger than me who served in Desert Storm.  We have no one in this mess in Irak thanks god, but our troops have my full support and blessings God bring them home safe soon.

     Yeah I’m a patriot and proud of it.  I just wish if we are going to fight wars we could fight, kick ass and take names like we used to.  like President Truman once said The Marines are a bunch of flag waving glory hunting bastards.  And I am proud to be part of those BASTARDS We wern’t born that way we are self made men and proud of it.  ramblingbob USMC

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2 Responses to “November 10th & 11th”

  1. Raven Says:

    Semper Fi to you and fellow jarheads dad!

  2. Steve Says:


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