I guess I’ll just complain

     I have nothing I’m really interested in writing about right now.  I find it hard to concentrate on the snakes I like to write about and my memories of the past have taken a seat on the back burner.  I have been kinda struggling with depression the last few weeks.  About three weeks ago i started having chills in the middle of the afternoon and it was in the mid-eighties.  Wrapping in a draw sheet and putting moist heat packs on my back did little to provide relief.  Finally i went to te family Dr. who checked my urine and said I did not have a Kidney infection and ordered X-rays and blood work.  The blood work revealed that I had high levels of enzines in my liver.  This indicates I might have Hepatitis C.  I am not a drinker and have only known my wife, so the Dr. says it probably was contacted by eating out in restaurants.  Ain’t that comforting to know?  Any way I go to the hospital for a Liver Panel ( blood test for seven different things) and a Liver Ultrasound to be preformed tomorrow.  All i know is I get so exhausted doing virtually nothing.  And bending over to play or stroke the cats leaves me so dizzy I need to support my self after straightening up until the dizziness subsides.  

     Prior to this i was experencing  difficulties of another nature and after consulting a specilist am sceduled for a Colonostipy on the twenty-second of the month.  Sandwiched in between these problems both hip joints began to hurt so bad I could not lay down and sleep and eventually got to the point sitting hurt and the buttocks hurt something awful.  Back to the Dr. he gave me two deep needle injections in both hips which gave me a deal of relief.  But back to the hospital for X-rays of my lower spine and both hips.

     My wife of thirty-six years is in poor health with numerous surgery’s including  eleven back surgery’s on seven disks.  Has been worrying herself sick about me and trying to take care of me and therefore straining her health.  This getting old is not for Sissy’s but damn it is hard to stay upbeat in the face of crap you cannot control.  I get a respectable pension after thirty-nine and a half years with Alcoa, but they take half of it for insurance coverage, $800 out of &1,500.  Then Medicare raises my premium every year also.  So here comes the bitching part, it burns my tail, every Doctors office or hospital I go to the waiting room is crowed with people who are sitting there speaking something other than English who make no payments of any kind while we who have worked all our lives are making co-pays and showing our insurance cards that we pay half of our incomes to support.  It seems so unfair that we have to pay our own way and collective support all these others.  Between my wife and I we have three months of medications stored in the safe that cost us over $400 on top of the premium for drug coverage we pay each month.

     Anyway that is the source of my current depression which i hope to whip back into line in the near future.


3 Responses to “I guess I’ll just complain”

  1. Steve Says:

    Good Luck Bob, depression is hard to beat

  2. Raven Says:

    Love you Dad!

  3. Steve Says:

    Bob, Happy Birthday November 10, hope all your tests go well!

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