Well this one is a remembrance.  Charlie was a small man I stand in at six foot when I can get my aching bones to straighten up and I could look over the top of his head.  He never weighed more than half of  my ponderous two thirty-eight.  He was a excellent mechanic and worked for Pensky lines for years.  They would see a truck hood open and no one around, when you walked up and looked inside you would find him down in side tugging one a wrench.  He had a vivid sense of humor and loved to play in that chop type of exchange, and occasionally he could even tell a good joke.  We first knew Charlie as the brother of they guy across the street.  He was single and was around quite often.  He was just a quite unassuming kinda of guy you dismissed with a shrug.  I guess he was nearing thirty or so when my wife and I messed up his life.

     My wife had a young niece who was divorced with two really little girls.  We set up a patio party and invited only the two of them and of-course the babies.    Bottom line it clicked and marriage followed.  Charlie instantly became the father the little girls never really had.  In later years if their real father was mentioned they would respond that man is not my father Charlie is my Dad.  A boy was born soon after and a house bought and life settled into its regular grind of ups and downs.  Never once did the girls want for any thing needed including love.  Girls grow up and marry and produce grand kids and Charlie became a dotting grandpa.  Unfortunately the son proved to be a disappointment and remains so to today. 

      All this can change in seconds a week ago tomorrow Charlie headed home from work as usually traveling the 91 freeway heading east.  along the way witness say he was not speeding and traffic was clear he swerved into the right lane then back across his lane into the carpool lane which was closed for repairs hitting the concrete barricades and flipped      and instantly burst into flames.  By the time emergency arrived Charlie was burned beyond recognition.  His body was so completely destroyed there is no sort tissue left for DNA.  Dental records were destroyed because it had been so long since his last visit.  The coronor’s office is struggeling  to establish positive ID so a death certificate can be issued.  With out a certificate every thing is on hold all monies frozen no insurance.    People if  you read this think for a minute on how your affairs are set up.  Can your family function with out you?  I have recently already set thing into motion for this eventuality.  Hell I’ll be sixty-eight on Thursday when we gather to say good-by to Charlie.

     Charlie you will bemissed by all who knew and loved you.  A hole will be felt by all who cared.



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