The Down Fall of a neighborhood

     We moved into this neighborhood 34 years ago our children were young and there were other children their age to associate with.  We had a few young punks that caused some trouble but I quickly make it clear I was not one to accept their crap and they left us alone.  One 18 year old threw my 9 year old in a mud puddle, and I met him in the street after dark and explained to him he was now a adult and my son was the minor and he would have to deal with me the next time.  He tried to recruit a few of the adults to deal with me which they refused and advised him to stand down we had no more trouble.  I have gone into the dark street to settle down loud music with a large group of teenagers.  No more                                about five years ago all my children long gone there was a gang initiation in the back ally the police responded and arrested 13 boys.  To enter the gang the applicant had to take a beating from the whole gang three boys were being beaten.  One of the officers told my wife they knew some of the gang members packed, meaning they carried guns.  This is the state the area has been reduced to.

      Seven years ago we had a gang member living next door, they would party all night on the street with the car doors wide open and that rap crap blaring.     The police were called repeatedly, one night we called three times I need to go to work at 4:30 AM the next day.  Finally I asked to speak to the police officer who responded.  By the time the responded the group had moved inside and shut the doors, the officer told me there was nothing they could do with them quite.  He said he had been out  twice already that night.  There were two officers and they took a look at the cars on the street.  Two tickets werewritten one for not plate on the front of the car and one for expired tags.  Chicken shit violations I know but the best they could do.  The two units left, immediately they thugs came out of the house and grabbed the tickets then they proceeded to start to brat on my pickup truck.  I stepped out side to the porch they then charged the fence separating the property’s.  One yelled remember us old man.  The one who lived there screamed your dead asshole.  I live on a corner lot and across the street and just up from the intersection the police had just made a U turn and was starting to park he hit his spot and loud speaker and told all to stand still.  The second unit came back down the street from the other direction.  The punks ran into the house and slammed the door.  I stepped back into my house to place the loaded shotgun I had stood on the porch when I went out, and remove the cocked .45 auto I had in the back of my waistband.  I then stepped back out side to await the police and respond as they wished.  I told me to wait inside   while they handled the situation.  the short story is it took 8 squad cars ten officers to extract them from the house with the use of three pepper sprays to the face.  The two were placed under arrest for Therriorst threats which is a felony.  Never threaten to kill or shoot some one in heated anger.  The officer had me sign a complaint and asked me if I had a gun to which I replied not on me but in the house.  He told me these are known gang member from Huntington Park with strong gang ties.  He said I don’t know how long we can hold them but sometimes they retaliate, do what you have to and call us.  This was on a Saturday morning they were held in jail until Wednesday they were released.  When I came home from work that day he was in the yard he stood and tried to stare me down I simply looked at and smiled.  I entered the house and removed the guns from the safe and put them handy.  The city wrote letters to the land lord about harboring gang members and the eventually were evicted.  That was when we had a effective police force.  Now the city is overwhelmed with this element. 

       Within the last three weeks there has been one of those long car chases from Whitter from a armed robbery that ended in our area with the Chase winding around the area and ending four block over and three down.  Two females and two males.  This week end a gang related drive by killing about eight blocks up the major street a block away.  and two related shooting in the same area afterwards.  A body found in the gutter next to a car a few block over  A guy and girl followed home in a car rage shot and followed several miles and shot again.  This morning we shut and locked the back door after bringing the cat inside because the helicopters are circling around over head again.

      We have a asshole neighbor across the ally we had to call the police on over all kinds of crap.  He now has a teenage son who is starting to drive.  He had always had a gang of some kind hanging .  Now they are into cars and they have always dressed all in black jeans and shirts and the hooded sweatshirts.  They hand around on the street until 2 &3 AM.  I am just waiting for one of the Paramount gangs to drive by and start shooting, we are just out of their territory.  We have had to remove graffiti off the garage and fence several times.

     Yeah we need to move but our house is paid for and our taxes are frozen and on a fixed income where can we afford to go to get away from this crap.  We are not the only ones in this boat, people we know who live in more affluent areas face the same problem.

     America is fighting terrorist on foreign soil but we have a fight here at home and I think we are loosing the battle.  On the news today a father and his three year old daughter gunned down in front of their house.  Last week a father and nine year old son.  A few years ago a family made a wrong turn on a dead end street father and a little girl died in a hail of gun fire three other children and the wife escaped.  I have owned guns all my life and shot and served my country as a warrior and never shot at a person or a living thing since I was stupid youth and killed a rabbit by mistake.  I love my guns and have had a lot of enjoyment with them.  I know many like me  and there are hundreds of thousands of us.  You can legally take the guns from all of us but the thugs will still have them.  I would surrender my guns if it would solve the problem but it had not worked in Canada, England or Australia, their crime rate jumped up after the general disarmament of its population.  Facts bear this out.  I feel safer in y embattled home with my pistol by my bed at night.  I just regret that unlike people in Florida and Arizona, and some forty other states I cannot carry one with me out.  A punk is a lot more cautious when he is uncertain his prey can fight back.  I’m a old man now my mind knows still how to punch and kick and throw but my body can not respond to the brain any more.  Last year I still thought I was at least a half a bad ass but now I’m a realist, I need a big edge.  Diabetes and muscle loss has taken it’s toll

     Well this has been a long and useless ramble so will ramble on ramblingbob

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