Well it’s been awhile, nuttin wrong just lazy I guess.  Old So Cal. is getting hot for the summer and I don’t swelter too well anymore.  Been running in the eighties and near ninety’s.  My poor long hair cat has been suffering and making life miserable for us old folk.  She want’s too be rubbed and have her fur ruffled up to cool down.  The little thirteen pound shit is so jealous of my wife.  Anytime I start to pay attention to my wife Cheyenne flops on to the floor  by my feet and beg’s for attention, demanding to have her belly and back rubbed.  she also likes to steal my chair when ever i get up and refuses to move on my return.  It has become a ritual almost every night when i go to the bedroom she has staked a spot right in the middle of my sleepig area.  I never cared about animals much as I never was allowed to have one as a child and my Dad did not like animals.  Our daughter had cats but the were her animals and I had nothing to do with them. Except for one little male Tiger cat that walked in our back door one evening and sauntered up to the cat dish and helped his-self.  He was no bigger than a fist full, after a few days it was determined that the owners had no interest in him so he became a fixture.  He most defiantly was the daughters cat, she dressed him up in doll clothes and rocked him to sleep.  He would follow her around like a puppy.  tiger grew to be quite a large tom cat.  Like I said i had not much to do with him.  However he trained me to feed him in the mornings before I left for work.  He started sitting by the counter where we kept the packets of cat food, he then would raise his right paw and spread his claws.  I finally figured out he wanted me to feed him, my wife did not believe me at first.  This took place in the kitchen at five AM every workday morning finally she stood in the darkened living room and watched one morning.  Tiger would come in the house and start looking for my five year old daughter he would start in the living room then her bed room then ours, finally he would sit out side the bathroom door and wait while my daughter and my wife’s mother would be taking a bath.  Tiger grew to be quite a large cat my daughter could hardly hold him off the ground at the last.  He loved to roam the neighborhood.  He would go all the way down to the other end of the block where friends had two yapping dogs fenced in the front yard.  He would sit at the corner of the fence and stick his paw in the chain link and drive the dogs nuts.  We had tiger for a long time until one night he got hit on the busy street down the block.  My daughter was broken hearted and we tried several times but there was never another Tiger.  As a independent adult she has always had several cats all loved, some more remarkable than others.  But I’m rambling away from our Cheyenne.

   My wife wanted a cat about five years ago,  Just before i had to retire.  I was not crazy about the idea but finally consented.  Her niece worked with a guy who had two litters ready to give away so she took a look.  The kitten she was to have gotten was out of the house so she bought this little butthole home.  She was not to impressive to me especially after the initial outlay of close to $70 worth of food, litter, litter boxes and other crap plus toys.  Then came the vet bills shots micro chip and all.  I must confess Cheyenne was my idea for a name.  Then she started to grow on me, heck she would not leave me alone.  I finally got a small fishing pole out of the garage and attached a ten foot line with a red mouse on the end.  I got where I could cast with precision all over the living room from my recliner.  I could put that mouse into small crack behind pillows and under the couch.  I would run that poor kitten until she fell heaving for breath on the floor.  She is still my wife’s baby but she is my buddy, and she controls us both.  I never realised a animal could have so much personality.  Just this morning I was reading the paper before my wife got up, I had already taken care of the feeding and cleaning the litter box.  Cheyenne often will jump on my lap while I try to read and I just hold the paper over her back.  This AM I laid the paper on the arm of the chair so she could jump up, she promptly put her rump on my left thigh and planted her fore quarters on the arm of the chair and on the paper to keep me from picking it back up.  She is so jealous of the Computer it is not funny she will try to lay on the key board and cry to have her back rubbed.  For a guy who did not like cats I’m hooked on this one.  Gotta go my cat is calling ramblingbob!  

3 Responses to “WELL HERE I AM! AGAIN”

  1. pbsweeney Says:

    Funny story! Reminds me of my husband with my son’s cat, Mimi, who came to stay with us “just for awhile” during his moving around. My husband griped and carried on, and now he talks baby talk to her and she is the queen of the house! lol Take care and keep rambling.

  2. ramblingbob Says:

    Yeah this little girl had got a firm hold on me. My wife always wants to go some where for a few days, and I a loath to put cheyenne into a kennel. She trusts and depends so much on us that it seems like betrayal of trust to me. She does not understand why she is being put into a cage. We are the only two people she has ever had anything to do with. She hides when ever anyone else comes to the house.

  3. Raven Says:

    Your cat is as spoiled a brat as I was, or am. Of course with three rotten fur balls of my own, I have no room to talk 😉

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